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Medical Term Roots

Broncho (R) lower windpipe or bronchus
osteo (R) bone
arthro (R) joint
chondro (R) cartilage
myelo (R) bone marrow or spine
myo (R) muscle
tendo (R) tendon
costo (R) rib
derma (R) skin
onycho (R) nail
rhino & naso (R) nose
laryngo (R) larynx or voice box
tracheo (R) trachea or upper windpipe
broncho (R) bronchus or lower windpipe
pulmo and pneumo (R) lung
pneumo (R) air
pneo (R) breathing
lingua and glossa (R) tongue
entero (R) intestine
duodeno (R) duodenum (or first part of small intestine)
jejuno (R) jejunum (or second part of the small intestine)
ileo (R) ileum (or third part of the small intestine)
Procto and ano (R) rectum or anus
hepato (R) liver
cholecysto (R) gallbladder
laparo (R) abdominal wall
angio and vaso (R) vessel
phlebo and veno (R) vein
arterio (R) artery
thrombo (R) clot of blood
cyto (R) cell
lympho (R) lymph
phago (R) eat
arco (R) extremity
adeno (R) gland
neuro (R) nerve
cerebro and encephalo (R) brain
mania (R) madness
nephro and rena (R) kidney
orchio (R) testes
uro and uria (R) urine
Lith (R) stone
hystero and metro (R) uterus or womb
salpingo (R) tube
oto (R) ear
ophthalmo and oculo (R) eye
blepharo (R) eyelid
pyo (R) pus
lipo (R) fat
febri (R) fever
myco (R) fungus
necro (R) dead
retro and post (P) behind
esthesia (P) feeling
anti (P) against
sub and hypo (P) under
inter (P) between
ante or pre (P) before
a or an (P) absence of
multi and poly (P) many or much
hemi and semi (P) half
hypo (P) too little, or low
hyper (P) above or high
emesis (P) (listed in prefix section?) vomiting
oligo (P) little or scanty
leuko (P) white
erythro (P) red
cyano (P) blue
mega (P) large
dextro (P) to the right
medio (P) middle
hydro (P) water
dys (P) difficulty
cele (S) hernia, protrusion or tumor
emia (S) blood
ectasis and ectasia (S) dilation, dilatation or expansion
iasas (S) condition, formation of, presence of
malacia (S) softening
megaly (S) enlargement
sclerosis (S) hardening
oma (S) tumor
osis (S) condition or disease
pathy (S) disease
ptosis (S) prolapse or downward
trophy (S) growth or nourishment
phobia (S) fear
ectomy (S) removal or excision
scopy (S) inspection or examination
stomy (S) surgical
tomy (S) incision or cutting into
plasty (S) plastic repair
centesis (S) puncture
algia (S) pain
genic (S) producing or originating
lysis (S) destruction or breakdown
rrhagia (S) excessive flow or discharge
penia (S) decrease or deficiency
ic, ac, al and ar (S) pertaining to cardiovascular
rrhea (S) excessive discharge or flow
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