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Science Ch5

What is the diversity of life ? The variety of living organisms on earth
What are the 5 kingdoms ? Animals plants protists fungi and bacteria
Are animals multicellular or unicellular Multicellular
What is the difference between a vertebrate and an invertebrate ? A vertebrate has a back bone but an invertebrate has no back bone
Give an example of a vertebrate and an invertebrate A human is a vertebrate and a slug is an invertebrate
Do animals respond to stimuli Yes
Are plants multicellular or unicellular ? Multicellular
Do plants photosynthesis Yes
Do plants have chlorophyll Yes
Do they respond to stimuli Yes
Are protists multicellular or unicellular Most are unicellular
List four examples of protists Water mounds slime algae and plankton
List 3 examples of fungi Mushrooms yeast and mold
What disease can fungi cause Athletes foot
Name an advantage of fungi Yeast makes beer
Are bacteria multicellular or unicellular Unicellular
How do bacteria reproduce Binary fission
Give 2 advantages of bacteria Makes yogurts and cheese and makes antibiotics
Give 2 disadvantages of bacteria Food spoilage and tooth decay
What is an antibiotic A chemical produced by microorganisms that is used as a drug to treat certain diseases caused by bacteria and fungi
What is antibiotic resistance Antibiotic resistance occurs when an antibiotic has lost its ability to effectively control or kill bacterial growth
How can we prevent antibiotic resistance Finish your antibiotic course and don’t use antibiotics for viral infections
What is a virus A microorganism made of a protein coat and dna
Give an example of a virus Ebola
What is vaccine A treatment that protects the body from a particular disease. It is made from a week or dead specimen of pathogen that causes the disease