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Lesson 5 Exam Review

Science Exam Review

What causes bird beaks to vary? Adaptations
What is a dichotomous key? A tool used to figure out the characteristics of an orgainsm
How do we use dichotomous keys? One step leads to another, and once you have reached a certain point, it will lead you to an answer
What is an adaptation? How animals adapt to their environment to survive
Why have insects had to adapt their mouths? To get food from different organisms
What type of adaptation allows reptiles to change the color of their skin? Camouflage
How do plants attract pollinator insects? Bright color variation
What is the purpose of plants having bulb root systems? To keep the plant from blowing away
What is selective breeding? When humans genetically modify an animal to meet specific standards
How have humans genetically modified the traits of dogs? By selecting two genetically qualified parents
What is natural selection? The selection in which adaptations help an animal in its environment
How do gills in fish help their survival? Gills help fish with survival because without gills, fish wouldnt be able to breathe underwater and die
What types of adaptations help birds fly? Hollow bones
Why do humans grow a second set of teeth? Because, eventually we grow out of the first
How do sharks and dolphins differ? Sharks have gills, therefore letting them breathe underwater dolphins on the other hand, have lungs that can hold a large amount of air in them, so they have to come to the surface for air
What types are only seen in dissections? Hollow bones, and digestive systems
What is the purpose of xylem? To get water and nutrients throughout a plant
What type of seed dispersal allows the seed to stick to an animal? Pollenation
Which type of tropism is a stimulus for roots to grow down? Geotropism
Which type of tropism is a reaction to sunlight? Phototropism
Created by: alyssap2319
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