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The ghost Lake vocab

The ghost Lake Vocab words

Algae Single-celled organisms_once considered plants that grow in water.
Calcium An element present in large amounts in bone ,teeth and stones such as limestone.It can dissolve in the water or settle out to form minerals such as calcite.
Carbon An element present in bones and shells,as well as in limestone and minerals such as calcite and aragonite.
Erode To gradually wear away stone or soil,as water and wind do.
Evaporate To gradually turn from a liquid into a gas,as water does if it is left sitting in a glass or bowl for a long period of time.
Geologist A scientist who studies the history and structure of Earth by looking at its rocks and minerals.
Ice age A period of time when large parts of North America,Europe and Asia were covered by thick sheets of ice.
Magnesium An element that can dissolve in water and is present in small amounts in some minerals,such as calcite and aragonite.
Organsim Any living thing,including plants,animals,fungi and single-celled life forms such as algae and bacteria.
Oxygen A gaseous element that makes up about 20 percent of Earth's atmosphere.
Tree rings Rings visible if the trunk of a tree is cut through with a saw .
Created by: nailedit24