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What does SDS stand for The Solution Delivery System
Treatments for gastorparesis Eating small, low-fat, low-fiber meals; use of drugs such as metoclopramide (Reglan) and cisapride (propulsid) to improve gastric motility, and improve glycemic control.
What does CLM stand for The Crit - Line Monitor
Where on the body can a vascular access be placed Arms, Legs, Neck, or Chest
What is the freezing point of water at degrees Fahrenheit 32 degrees fahrenheit
What is flow geometry Flow geometry refers to the direction of flow of the blood and dialysate
The wall thickness of the semipermeable membrane may be as little as As little as 7MM although some synthetics have walls as thick as 50MM or more
What are the two basic types of ultrafiltration controllers Volumetric and Flowmetric
The kidneys act as receptors for which hormones 1. Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) 2. Aldosterone 3. Parathyroid
What does EBCT stand for Empty Bed Contact Time
What does HIV do HIV attacks the body's immune system, causing the disease known as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome ( AIDS)
What are Endotoxins A toxin that remains inside the cell wall of some type of bacteria as long as the bacteria are alive
What is ATN caused by Severely reduced blood flow leading to prolonged ischemia, or by direct toxic insult to the tubulas cells.
What is FSH Follicle - stimulating hormone (FSH)
An elevated blood glucose level may indicate what The presence of infection
The CLM noninvasively measures what Blood volume changes, oxygen, saturation, and hematocrit
What does hyperkalemia mean Having high potassium concentrations
Concurrent flow occurs when what happens When the blood and dialysate both flow in the same direction creating a much smaller and thus les desirable concentration gradient for dialysis to take place
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