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9th ENV ch6.2


FOREST Of all biomes, ___________________biomes are the most widespread and the most diverse.
RAINFALL Yje large trees of forests need a lot of water, so forests can be found where
TROPICAL TEMPERATURE CONIFEROUS There are 3 main forests in the world______________________________ __________________ an ________________________(Taiga)
TROPICAL RAIN FOREST ________________________ _________________________are forests or jungles near the equator, They are characterized by large amounts of rain and little variation in temperature and contain the greatest known diversity or organism on Earth.
REGULATE They help_________________________ world climate an play vital roles in the nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon cycles.
HUMID VARIETY They are humid, warm, and get strong sulight which allows them to maintain a fairly constant temperature that is ideal for a wide variety of plants and animals.
PLANTS Most nutrients are within the_______, not the soil.
DECOMPOSERS ______________________- on the rain-forest floor break down dead organisms snd return the nutrients to the soil, but plants quickly absorb the nutrients.
FUNGI TREE vSome trees in the tropical rain forest support _______ that feed on dead organic matter on the rain-forest floor. In this relationship, the fungi transfer the nutrients form the dead matter directly to the ___________.
WATER Nutrients from dead organic matter are removed so efficiently that runoff from rain forests is often as pure as distilled_____________.
LACK Most tropical soils that are cleared of plants for agriculture___________ nutrients and cannot support crops for more than a few years.
BUTTRESSES Many of the trees form bove ground roots called__________or braces that grow sideways from the tree to provide it with extra support in the thin soil.
LAYERS In tropical rain forests, different types of plants grow in different _______________.
four There are _______ main layers of the rain forest: EMERGENT, UPPER, LOWER, UNDERSTORY
EMERGENT LAYER The __________________ ______________ is the top follge layer in a forest where the trees extend above surrounding trees.
60-70m Trees in this layer grow and emerge into direct sunlight reaching heights of _____ to __________m and can measure up to 5 m around.
SNAKES The animals such as eagles, bats, monkeys, and_______________ live in the emergent layer.
CANOPY The ______________ is the layers of treetops that shade the forest floor, amd is considered to be the primary layer of the rain forest.
95 The tall trees, more than 30 m tall, form a dense layer that absorbs up to _____________ percent of the sunlight.
UPPER LOWEER The canopy can be split into an _____________ and _____________ with the lower receiving less of the sunlight.
EPIPHYTES ___________________ are plants that use another plant for support but not for nourishment, and are located on high trees in the canooy.
GROWING ________________ on tall trees it allows them to reach the sunlight needed for photosynthesis, and to absorg the water and nutrients that run down the tree after it rains.
CANOPY Most animals that live in the rain forest live in the ___________ because they depend on the abundant flowers and fruits that grow there
UNDERSTORY The ____________ understory is the foliage layer that is beneath and shaded by the main canopy of a forest.
LITTLE ____________ light reaches this layer allowing only trees and shrubs adapted to shade to grow them.
3.5m Most plants in the understory do not grow more than_______m tall.
FLAT Herbs with large _______ leaves that grow on the forest floor capture the small amount of light that penetrates the understory.
DIVERSITY The _________ of rain forest vegetation has led to the evolution of a diverse community of animals.
SPECIALISTS Most rainforest animals are ________________ that use specific resources in particular ways to avoid competition and have adapted amazing ways prey and avoid predators.
INSECTS __________________- use camouflage to avoid predators and may b shaped like leaves or twigs.
MINUTE OIL Every____________ of every day, 150 acres of tropical rainforest are cleared for logging operations, agriculture, and oil exploration,
HABITAT DESTRUCTION ________________________ _________________________- occurs when land inhabited by an organism is destroyed or altered.
RISKS If the habitat that an organism depends on is destroyed, the organism is at ____________________ of disappearing.
50 MILLION An estimated __________ ______________ native peoples live in tropical rain forest and are also threatened by habitat destruction.
LEAVE Because they obtain nearly everything they need from the foret, the loss of their habitat could them to ___________ their homes and moveinto cities.
CULTURE This drastic change of lifestyle may then cause the native peoples to lose their ______________________ and traditions,
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