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Latin Test 1

Latin Review for chapters 1 & 2

Know the derivative for: culpa (blame) culprit
Know the derivative for: veritas (truth) verify
Know the derivative for: grex, gregis (flock, herd) congregation
Know the derivative for: rideo (laugh, smile) ridiculous, ridicule
Know the derivative for: clamo (shout) exclaim
etymology history of a word
List the 3 jobs of the Genitive case 1. Show possession 2. Used to find the base of a word 3. Tells us the declension
How do we show possession 's or of ex. mons Rome= Mountain of Rome or Rome's mountain
Know how to conjugate 1st conjugation a family or 2nd conjugation e family ex. amo, amare= 1st conjugation a family ex. video, videre= 2nd conjugation e family
How do find the base of a noun? Genitive declension and chop off the -re ex. video, videre= take off the -re and the base is vide
Know your 3rd declension and your verb endings for past, imperfect, and future. Be able to decline a 3rd declension word.
translate: clamo shout
translate: exspolio rob
translate: iuvo help
translate: narro tell, say
translate: ululo howl, scream
translate: devoro swallow, devour
translate: propero hurry, hasten
translate: ausculto listen to
translate: oppugno attack
translate: moneo warn
translate: rideo laugh, smile
translate: studeo study
translate: terreo frighten
translate: Aesopus Aesop
translate: Graeicia Greece
translate: fabula story, fable
translate: vicus village
translate: narrator story teller
translate: non not
translate: magister male teacher
translate: liberi children
translate: discuipulus boy student
translate: discipula girl student
translate: habito live in, inhabit
translate: erat (linking verb) was
translate: et and
translate: puer boy, child
translate: pastor shepherd
translate: ovis sheep
translate: agnus lamb
translate: grex flock, herd
translate: lupus wolf
translate: laboro work
translate: vicinus male neighbor
translate: vicina female neighbor
translate: rus the country
translate: mons mountain
translate: ludus school
translate: liber book
translate: iocus joke
translate: mandeacium a lie, falsehood
translate: mendax a liar
translate: veritas truth
translate: culpe blame
translate: iterum again
translate: ad to, toward, at
translate: rogo ask
translate: specto look at, watch
translate: sed but
translate: magistra female teacher
translate: puella girl
Created by: GuineaPigwca



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