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Skeletal System Quiz

Skeleton all your bones in your body, your framework
Vertebrae The 26 small bones in your back
Joint Where two bones come together (moveable and immovable)
Ligament Strong connective tissue that holds bones together in movable joints
Cartilage Flexible connective tissue in joints that provides cushioning
Compact Bone Beneath bone’s outer membrane, hard and dense, blood vessels and nerves in it
Spongy Bone Lightweight strong bone with many small spaces. Found at ends of bone
Marrow Soft connective tissue inside bones, produces body’s blood cells and stores fat
Osteoporosis Disease where your bones become weak due to mineral loss (calcium).
Fracture Break in bone. Simple: broken but in skin, Compound is bone sticks out of skin.
Dislocation Bone comes out of joint.
Sprain Ligaments get stretched too far and tear
X-Ray Form of energy that travels in waves, helps you see broken bones
MRI Uses magnetic energy to make soft tissue/ligaments visible
Arthritis Disease of joints that makes movement painful
Arthroscope Small tube shaped instrument, allows for doctors to see inside joint for surgery
5 purposes of the skeletal system Shape and Support, Protection, Movement, Produces Blood Cells, Stores Minerals
Hinge Joint Elbow/Knee
Ball and Socket Joint Shoulder
Pivot Joint Neck/Head
Gliding Joint Wrist
What is a bone made of? Marrow, Spongy Bone,Compact Bone, Outer Membrane
Bone Care Diet-lots of calcium and phosphorous. Exercise for bone strengthening.
Three Types of Bone Injuries Fracture, Dislocation, Sprain
Created by: Achenry45