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East Asia

Cultural and Literary Studies B

The largest city in South Korea Seoul
A belief system based on the teachings of the Chinese philosopher Confucius Confucianism
A series of rulers from the same family. dynasty
Professional soldiers who served as bodyguards of warriors in Japan. samurai
The largest city in North Korea Pyongyang
The general of the emperor's army. shogun
A country with a highly industrialized economy and trades with other countries around the world. economic tiger
An economic and social region made up of the countries around the Pacific Ocean. Pacific Rim
The __________was an uprising in response to the spheres of influence in China. Boxer Rebellion
__________ teaches respect for the past and one's ancestors, respect for parents, the government, and the emperor, and the importance of education. Confucianism
The ____________formed the nation of Korea in the late 300s. Three Kingdoms
Who was the leader of the Communists in China from 1949 until 1976? Mao Zedong
The importance of preserving and restoring harmony in the individual and in the universe is a teaching of _________. Taoism
What are the positive and negative effects of the building of the Three Gorges Dam? Positive: flooding will be controlled, easier to ship China's goods to the interior, and generates electrical power Negative: hundreds of historic sites were submerged, animals lost habitat, and people were displaced from their homes.
__________gather force as they move west across the Pacific Ocean. Typhoons
The central government makes all decisions about a country's economic policies in this type of economic system. command economy
The famous trade route that went from China to the Mediterranean Sea was known as the Silk Road
The Mongols were ______________herders. They had no permanent home, and moved with the seasons in search of food, water, and grazing land. Nomadic
How have deserts influenced the settlement of East Asia? (meaning where people live in East Asia) Think about where most people live in this region based on the climate. Think about those that live in the desert what kind of lifestyle they have. The following pages may help you: page 645, the maps on pages 614, 615, and 626
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