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social studies

creating the constitution

building site of the declaration of independence independence hall
name given to the rep. to write dec. of independence comitee of five
term for a rep. to a convention delegate
important delegates at new constitution convention g. washington,b. franklin, j, madison
3 levels of gov national, state, local
nickname for roger sherman the great compromiser
new level of gov. the constitution created national gov
name the 3 branches of gov legislative, executive, judicial
term for legislative branch for having two houses bicameral
another term for national gov federal
two houses for legislative branch senate/house of repesentatives
located washington DC/ home for US congress US capital
each state elect two rep. in this house senate
leg branch having 435 members house of rep.
primary author of the new US constitution James Madison
nickname for james madison father of the US constitution
name of the presidents house white house
address of the white house 1600 pennsavania ave.
branch of gov for pres executive
famous court house in washinton DC Us supreme court
highest and most powerful court systems in america us supreme court judges
official court of population every ten years census
how many rep a state will receive in house of rep population
document stated when a territory reached 60000 could apply for statehood northwest ordinence 1787
should they be counted as part of pop. of a state slaves
located in NY city place immagrants proceed in 1930s ellis island
words on plaque from _______/ statue of liberty
it settled argument over what is the total population and property taxes 3/5 comprimise
in using 3/5 comprimise what is the total population for this state 56000
system where each branch checks on the other to balance power checks and balances
term for removal pf gov elected official for wrong doing impeachment
title of leader of state govenor
newly elected govenor of louisana john b edwards
gov. in which powers shared between national and state gov federalism
new constitution created new level of gov national gov
final approval of constitution of law ratify
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