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What are drugs that relieve pain without causing loss of consciousness? Analgesics
Which opioid receptor is associated with physical dependence? Mu receptor
What are examples of pure opioid agonists? Morphine and codeine
What are the general adverse effects associated with opioids? Respiratory depression, constipation, and sedation
What is the most commonly used opioid antagonist? Narcan
What drug is used to treat opioid-induced constipation? Methylnatrexone
What can happen if an agonist-antagonist opioid is administered with a pure opioid agonist? It can antagonize analgesia
What is the source of morphine? Seedpod of poppy plant
What is the onset time of respiratory depression after morphine is administered? 7 minutes IV and 30 minutes IM
How long can respiratory depression caused by morphine last? 4-5 hours
What is an effect of morphine that is useful in surgery? Cough suppression
What is an adverse effect of narcan? Seizures
What are common signs of morphine toxicity? Miosis, coma, and respiratory depression
How long does it take for abstinence syndrome from morphine take to occur? 10 hours after the last dose
How long can abstinence syndrome from morphine last if untreated? 7-10 days
What should you always do before administering an opioid? Assess V/S
What is Embeda? Morphine combined with narcan; used to prevent abuse
Should you give morphine on a fixed schedule or PRN? Fixed
True or False: You should wear gloves when handling Duragesic. True
What is the drug of choice for opioid addiction? Methadone
What is the trade name for hydromorphone? Dilaudid
How much of a codeine dose converts to morphine in the liver? 10%
Does narcan work with Buprenorphine? No
Should you give Buprenorphine to a patient with hypotension? No
What is the most widely prescribed drug in the US? Hydrocodone
When should you assess pain when giving an opioid? Before giving an 1 hour after if given PO; 30 minutes after if given IV
What is the drug of choice for MI? Morphine
What drug is used for reversal of neonatal respiratory depression? Narcan
What is an adverse effect of tramadol? Suicide risk
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