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Anemia Drugs


What are adverse effects of oral iron supplements? GI disturbances, staining of teeth (liquid), and toxicity
What are S/S of iron toxicity? N/V, diarrhea, and shock; acidosis, gastric necrosis, hepatic failure, pulmonary edema, and vasomotor collapse
What are drug interactions with PO iron? Antacids (inhibits absorption), vitamin C (promotes absorption), and tetracycline (creates mass in GI tract)
What are adverse effects of iron dextran? Anaphylaxis, hypotension, headache, urticaria, and arthralgia
What is the IV form of iron supplementation? Iron dextran
What should you do before administering the ordered dose of iron dextran? Give a small test dose
What should be included in patient education about PO iron? That it will cause black, tarry stools; not to crush it; and that it may cause nausea
What symptom is associated with vitamin B12 deficiency? Red, beefy tongue
What is vitamin B12 necessary for? Synthesis of DNA
What can a folic acid deficiency cause in a pregnant woman? Fetal neural tube defects, cleft palate and lip
Which preparation of folic acid is used most commonly? Inactive
Which is excreted faster: Vitamin B12 or folic acid? Folic acid
Which deficiency does neurologic damage occur with: Vitamin B12 or folic acid? Vitamin B12
True or False: Hematologic effects of Vitamin B12 deficiency can be reversed with large doses of folic acid. True
What is a possible adverse reaction to Cyanocobalamin? Hypokalemia
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