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Levers for QI

Measurement and Feedback National health care performance standards are developed using a consensus process in which stakeholder groups identify priorities, measures, and reporting requirements to document and manage the quality of care).
Public Reporting Compare treatment results, costs, and patient experience for the consumer.
Learning and Technical Assistance Foster environments that offer training, resources, tools, and guidance to help organizations achieve quality improvement goals.
Consumer Incentives and Benefits Design Help consumers adopt healthy behaviors and make informed decisions.
Payment Reward and incentivize providers to deliver high-quality, patient-centered care.
Health Information Technology Improve communications, transparency, and efficiency for better coordinated health and health care.
Workforce Development Invest in people to prepare the next generation of health care professionals and support lifelong learning for providers.
Innovation and Diffusion Facilitate rapid adoption of new ideas in health care quality improvement within and across organizations and communities.
Certification, Accreditation, Regulation Adopt or adhere to approaches to meet safety and quality standards. Several Quality Improvement
Payment Includes capitation, Value-based health care purchasing, Accountable Care Organization.
Created by: Dr.D
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