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Bran the outer layer of the kernel. It contains antioxidants, B vitamins and fiber.
Endosperm the largest part of the kernel, and provides the germs food supply
Germ the embryo, which can be used to sprout a new plant. It contains B vitamins, some protein, minerals, and healthy fats.
Whole grains contains all parts and nutrients of the grain seed.
Refined Grains have been milled, which removes the bran, germ, fiber, iron, and many B vitamins from the grain.
Fiber carbohydrates that cannot be digested. It contains cellulose, which our bodies do not have the enzyme to digest.
Complex Carbohydrate starch that is located endosperm. They are made up of many units of complex carbohydrates that have been linked together to form a complex chain.
Simple Carbohydrates only have one to three units of carbohydrate in their chain.
Amylose a type of starch that is made of a long chain-like molecule.
Amylase in our mouth, chemical digestion begins when amylose is broken down into simple carbohydrates by an enzyme found in our saliva.
Gluten a type of protein found in the grain seed
Celiac Disease a severe disease to people that are allergic to gluten.
Flour a white powdery looking substance that is made from wheat.
Grain the healthy part of a seed.
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