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Latin Cult./Hist.

Latin Culture and Hstory

How many letters are in Ancient Greek? 24 letters
Give the two "places" where we see this number of Ancient Greek letters. "The Odyssey" and "The Iliad". Each have 24 books. Each book is named after a letter in the order in which they appear in the alphabet.
Identify the language that formed a basis for much of Latin. Greek
Name five romance languages. Romanian, Portuguese, French, Sanish, and Italian.
Why are the romance languages called "romance"? Because the Romans conquered areas in which they spoke either spanish, french, etc. The Romans forced the Natives to speak Romanian.
Name two ways in which Ancient Greek has influenced Latin- and (through Latin) how it has influenced the Romance Languages, as well as Germanic languages. 1. Many of the Greek upper-casae letters are the same as in English, etc.2. In many cases, the "phonetic" (sound) order in Greek is the same in English
Explain generally why the "Romance Languages" are very similar and why are they different. They are generally influenced by Latin, over time, Natives have blended their Native languages with Latin.
Define the Latin term "Austrailia" literally Southland
Discuss the origin of the English word "Salary". Roman soldiers were riginally paid in salt ("Sal" in French) so that they could cure their meat while on campaign; the higher the rank, the more salt they got paid: their "salary" ("salarium = originally "soldier's payment" in Latin)
Define the Latin roots for the English word "proctinate". "pro"="pro" and "cras"= "tomorrow"
Discuss the "Roman View" behind the Latin word "vulgaris" The vast majority of romans could not afford to send their children to school-instead, they began work at an early age; thus, these children were unable to learn proper grammar-when educated Romans heard them speak with improper grammar.
Continued Answer: They mentally placed them in a "lower", "common", or "poor" class of socioety: "vulgus" in Latin.
Continued Answer 2: This "placement" and the reasoning behind it has influenced Angelo-European culture since Roman times; to many, someone's use of vulgur language merely means that the speaker is not educated enough to speak logically about a topic.
Created by: VaLAX17