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Science number 1

scientific method, characteristics of a living thing, parts of a cell, etc

What are the characteristics of a living thing? cellular organization, metabolism, growth, reproduction, adaption, homeostatis, response to stimuli
What is cellular organization? having one or more cells
what is metabolism ability to make food into energy
what is homeostatis? organisms ability to mantain proper conditions inside, regardless of the outside
what is respnce to stimuli? respnce to outside stimuli which is often movement?
What are the parts of a cell? golgi complex, ribosomes, endoplasmic reticululm, lysosome, cytoplasm, cell wall, cell membrane, chloroplast,nucleus , vesicles, chlorophyll and mitochondria
what factory part is the golgi complex? mail room
What is the nucleuses reference? control room
What is the vesicles reference? bubble wrap
cell wall's reference? brick wall
cytooplasms refernce? floor
cell membrane has what refernce? screen door
What is the e.r 's refernce mail truck
What is chlorophylls reference? paint
ribosomes reference? assembly line
chloroplast reference? power supply
lysosomes refernce cleaning crew
mitochondria refernce? power suply
What else do cells have? dna, chloroplasts, chlorophyll, nucleolus, unicellular, multicellular
What are the steps to the scientific method? Problem, hypothesis, expirement\procedure, collect data, conclusion
meter measures what? length
Wat does liter measure? capacity
What does gram measure? wieght
What is science? The system of acquiring knowledge based on the scientific method
What is the formula for cellular respiration? glucose+oxygen yeilds to carbondioxide+water+energy
Where does cellular respiration happen? in the mitochondria in animal cells
What is the formula for photosynthesis? light energy+water+carbon dioxide yields to glucose+oxygen
What is mitosis? reproduction of body cells except sex cells
What are the steps to mitosis? IPMATC interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telephase, cytokenisis
interphase: When the chromosomes duplicate
prophase: chromatid pairs start to be visible
metaphase: chromatid pairs line up in the center
anaphase: chromosomes seperate
telephase: cytoplasm begins to seperate
cytokenisis: 2 new cells are formed
What are stomatas? They are the "mouth&nose" of a plant
What does it take in? carbon dioxide
What do they release? oxygen
Why does a stomata close? when it doesnt want something in
What are some ways that meisosis and mitosis ar similiar? They both are ways to reproduce
"What are some differences between mitosis and meiosis? mitosis: 2 cells produced,happens everywhere, requires 1 cell, uses diploids, new organism is identicalmeiosis: usually from the same species, 4 cells are produced, requires two parent cells, uses haploid cells, creates new unique organism, x2 mitosis
Created by: VaLeRiA!