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9th ENV BIOMES 6.1


BIOMES A___________________ is a large regions characterized by a specific type of climate and certain types of plant and animal communities. EACH BIOME IS MADE UP OF MANY INDIVIDUAL ECOSYSTEMS.
VEGETATIONS Biomes are described by their ____________________________ because plants that grow in an area determine the other organisms that can live there.
ADAPTATIONS Plants in a particular biome have characteristics, specialized structures, or ____________________________t hat allow the plants to survive in that biome.
SIZE SHAPE COLOR These adaptations incude_______ _________ and ___________. For eample, plants in the tundra tend to be short because they cannot obtain enough water to grow larger,
CLIMATE ____________________ is the regular weather conditions in an area over a long period of time.
MAIN FACTOR Climate is the __________________ _________________i n determining which plants can grow in a certain area, which in turn defines the biome.
TEMPERATURES PRECIPITATION _________________________ and ______________________ are the two most important factors that determine a region's climate,
NOT SURVIVE Most organisms are adapted to live within a particular range of temperatures and will __________ _______________ a temperature too far above or below their range.
WATER Precipitation also limit the organisms that can be found in a biome because all organisms need _____________, and the bigger the animal, the more water it needs.
SHRUBS Biomes that do not receive enough rainfall to support large trees support communities dominated by small trees ______________ and grasses.
CACTUSES In biomes where rainfall is not frequent, the vegetation is mostly_______________ and desert shrubs, to extreme cases, lack of rainfall results in no plants, no matter what the temperature is.
TALLER DENSER The ____________ the temperature and precipation are, the ____________ and _________________________ the vegetation is.
LATITUDE is the distance north or south of the equator and is expressed in degrees.
ALTITUDE _________________________ is the height of an object above a reference point, such as sea level or the Earth's surface.
CLIMATE _________________________ varies with latitude and altitude.
COLDER For example, climate gets colder as latitude and altitude increase, This is why it gets_____________________ as you move further up a mountain.
CHANGE As latitude and altitude increases, biomes and vegetables _____________,
EQUATOR POLES Trees of tropical rainforests usually grow closer to the ______________, while mosses and lichens of the tundra grow closer to the _________________.
TEMPERATURES The______________________regions includes biomes such as temperature forests and grasslands which usually have moderate temperatures and fertile soil that is ideal for agriculture.
Created by: asimien907