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LCs of Plants

Study for your Life Cycles of Plants Test

flowering plants grow from _____when an egg is _________. blank #1: seeds blank #2: fertilized
all of the stages a living thing goes through? Life Cycles
_______- begin to grow when there is enough _________ Blank #1: Germination Stage Blank#2: Moisture
seed _____ and ______ open blank #1: swells blank #2: cracks
_____- tiny stem pushed out of soil..the new plant grows _____ blank#1: Seedling Stage blank#2: flowers
_____grows flowers that produce______ blank#1:Flowering Stage blank#2:pollen
Pollination-______&______ bring pollen to flowers blank#1:Birds blank#2: Insects
________-a pollinated flower grows into a fruit Fruiting Stage
*Animals ______ the fruit & _____ the seeds blank#1: eat blank#2: dispose
*Some seeds are spread by the _____ Wind
*Some seeds are carried on ______ Animal Fur
*Some seeds fall from the ____ Parent Plant
Plants From Spores don't make ____; don't have _____ blank#1: seeds blank#2: roots
ferns and _____ are plants from spores mosses
needs ____ environment moist
Fertilized ____ develop into small____ blank#1:eggs blank#2: plants
They release _____ into a _____ environment blank#1: spores blank#2: moist
They develop into new _____ with sperm and eggs plants
The sperm is released and _____ to the eggs ( fertilized) swim
New plants grow from other parts of _____ plants parent
the new plant is a ____- exactly like the parent clone
New plants can grow from______- strawberries stems
New plants can grow from a storage stem _____ (potato) tuber
New plants can grow by _____- attaching one part of a tree to another grafting
Created by: ryguy5756