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4 Types micro organisms? Bacteria, Parasites, Fungi, Virus
2nd link in the chain of infection? Resevoir
The link in which the way the organism leaves the reservoir? Portal Of Exit
Mode of ............. Transmission
A person at risk of contracting the disease called? Susceptible Host
5 different portals of entry? ears, eyes, nose, mouth and open wound
Fill in the Blanks Infectious Agents, Resevoir, ....................., Mode of transmission, ....................., Susceptible Host Portal of Exit, portal of Entry
5 Ways to break chain of Infection? hand hygiene, PPE, Isolation, Immunisation, Environmental Sanitation
Example of bacteria? Legionnaires Disease, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus
Example of fungi/yeast Candida Albicans (Thrush), Tinea (Athletes Foot)
Example of Viruses Hepatitis A,B,C,D,E,F,G, HIV, Herpes Virus 1 &2, Influenza Virus
Which microorganism is the smallest to see? Viruses
Organism that derives their nutrients from other living organisms? Parasites
Contact, Vehicles, Airborne, Vectors, Autogenous, are all? Modes of transmission
When to perform hand hygiene? Before & After touching a patient, before & after a procedure, after touching patients environment
Describe elements of routine/social handwashing 60 seconds, use soap and H2O or hand sanitisers, up to hands & wrist
Describe elements of Clinical/aseptic handwashing 2-3 mins, for woundcare & other procedures, use chlorexidene 2%, 1/2 way up arm & hands
Describe elements of surgical handwashing 5-6mins, chlorexidene 4%, hand up to elbow
Describe procedure of DON Handhygiene, gown, mask. goggles. gloves
Describe procedure of DOFF Gloves, hand hygiene, goggles, gown, mask, hand hygiene
As well as standard precautions, what additional precautions used for droplet surgical mask
As well as standard precautions, what additional precautions used for contact gown/apron, gloves
As well as standard precautions, what additional precautions used for airborne N95/P2 mask, ensure fit mask.
Created by: kylie.miller4