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OB Nursing

What is the union of a single egg and sperm? Conception
What type of cell division produces gametes? Meiosis
When do males' testes begin spermatogenesis? At puberty
When does the process of egg formation begin? During fetal life
True or False: All of a woman's eggs are present in her ovaries at birth. True
When does the ovum complete the first meiotic division? During fetal life
How many ova will mature during a woman's reproductive life? 400-500
When does the ovum begin the second meiotic division? During ovulation
What marks the beginning of pregnancy? Conception
Where does meiosis of the ovum occur? In the ovarian follicles
When is the ovum released from the ovarian follicle? At ovulation
What are the two layers surrounding the ovum? Zona pellucida (inner) and corona radiata (outer)
How long are ova considered fertile after ovulation? 24 hours
What happens if an ovum is not fertilized? It degenerates and is reabsorbed.
How do sperm swim? In a flagellar movement.
How long is the average time for a sperm to reach the site of fertilization? 4-6 hours
Where does fertilization occur? In the ampulla of the uterine tubes.
How long does it take the zygote to reach the uterus? 3-4 days
What is a morula? The result of meiotic division of the zygote; consists of 16 cells
What does the trophoblast give rise to? The placenta
What does the embryoblast give rise to? Embryo
Why do some women bleed with implantation? Because endometrial blood vessels erode.
What do chorionic villi develop out of? The trophoblast.
Created by: shrewsburysd