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Chapter 13

Preventing Infection

What is a disease state resulting from the invasion and growth of microbes in the body? Infection
Infection ____________ practices and procedures protect residents, visitors and staff from the spread of infection. Control
What is a small living plant or animal; also called a microbe? Microorganism
Where do you find microbes? Everywhere
What do you call harmful microbes that can cause an infection? Pathogens
What do you call microbes that usually do not cause an infection? Non-pathogens
What is another term for germs? Bacteria
Microbes need a ________________ to live and grow. Reservoir
What is the environment in which a microbe lives and grows? Reservoir
______________________ need water and nourishment , oxygen and a warm, dark environment. Microbes
Microbes that live and grow in a certain area are called ____________ ____________. Normal flora
Normal flora are _________________ when in their natural reservoir. Non-pathogens
When normal flora is transmitted out of its natural site it becomes a ____________________. Pathogen
Multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs) are microbes that can resist the effects of __________________. Antibiotics
A ____________ infection is found in a body part. Local
A _______________ infection involves the whole body. Systemic
The first step in the chain of infection is the infectious agent or _________________ which is a pathogen. Source
The source needs a ______________ where it can grow and multiply. Reservoir
What do you call a human or animal that is a reservoir for microbes but does not have signs or symptoms of an infection? Carrier
A carrier can ______________ the pathogen to others. Pass
Portals of entry and exit are the ________________. Same
After a pathogen passes through a portal of entry it needs a ________________ to grow and multiply. Host
The very young or very old persons, ill persons, persons exposed to a pathogen, or persons who do not follow infection control procedures are all ___________________ hosts. Susceptible
An infection that develops in a person while in a healthcare setting is called a ______________ - _____________ infection (HAI). Healthcare-associated
What is being free of disease producing microbes? Asepsis
What is the method used to remove or destroy pathogens and to prevent pathogens from spreading from one person/place to another? Medical asepsis
What is the process of becoming unclean? Contamination
What means the absence of all microbes - pathogens and non-pathogens? Sterile
What is the process of destroying all microbes? Sterilization
In ______________ asepsis the item or are is clean when it is free of pathogens. Medical
A ________________ item or area is contaminated when pathogens or non-pathogens are present. Sterile
To prevent the spread of microbes it is important to ____________ your hands. Wash
You should practice ______________ hygiene before and after giving care. Hand
Wash your hands when they are visibly ______________. Soiled or Dirty
Wash your hands before eating and after using the _______________. Restroom
Use an alcohol-based and rub to ___________________ your hands if they are not visibly soiled. Decontaminate
Wash your hands under _____________ running water. Warm
Stand away from, and do not let your hands, body or uniform touch the _________________ when washing your hands. Sink
Keep your hands and forearms ____________________ than your elbows. Lower
How many seconds should you wash your hands? Twenty
You should dry your hands starting at your _______________. Fingertips
To turn off the water, you should use a clean paper towel for each ________________. Faucet
Which type of items are discarded after use? Single-use
______________________ items help prevent the spread of infection. Disposable
You should wear _______________ when cleaning items contaminated with blood, body fluids, secretions or excretions. PPE
What temperature (hot, warm, cold) should you use to rinse organic matter off equipment (like bedpans)? Cold
You should scrub equipment thoroughly using a _____________ if needed. Brush
What temperature (hot, warm, cold) should you rinse items that you have cleaned? Warm
Disinfect equipment and the _____________ used in the cleaning procedure. Sink
What is the process of destroying pathogens? Disinfection
What are disinfectants applied to skin, tissues, and non-living objects? Germicides
Glass, surgical items and metal objects are pressure stem sterilized using an ___________________. Autoclave
What kind of gloves should you wear when using chemical disinfectants? Utility
Blood, body fluids, secretions and excretions can transmit ___________________. Pathogens
Make sure all residents have their own personal care ______________. Equipment
Can you take equipment from one person's room to use for another person? No
Hold equipment and linens away from your ________________. Uniform
To prevent dust movement, do not ______________ linens or equipment. Shake
_________________ from the cleanest are to the dirtiest. Clean
To prevent transmitting microbes to your skin, hair and clothing you should clean ______________ from your body. Away
Make sure linens are ____________ and wrinkle-free. Dry
When providing perineal care you need to wipe from the ______________ to the anus. Urethra
What type of precautions do you follow for every resident contact? Standard
Change gloves during care if your hands will move from a _________________ body site to a clean body site. Contaminated
What should you wear whenever contact with blood, body fluids, secretions, excretions, mucous membranes or non-intact skin is likely? Gloves
In addition to gloves, what type of PPE is important to wear when caring for a person on Droplet Precautions? Mask
When caring for someone who is on isolation precautions it is important to collect all needed items before _________________ the room. Entering
Bio-hazard items must be removed from the room in ___________ plastic bags. Leak-proof
When putting on PPE, which item is put on first? Gown
When putting on PPE, which item is put on second? Mask
When putting on PPE, which item is put on third? Goggles
When putting on PPE, which item is put on last? Gloves
When removing PPE, which item is removed first? Gloves
When removing PPE, which item is removed second? Goggles
When removing PPE, which item is removed third? Gown
When removing PPE, which item is removed fourth? Mask
Gloves are easier to put on when your hands are _____________. Dry
Blood, body fluids, secretions, and excretions can enter a glove through a tear and __________________ your hand. Contamintate
Gowns must completely cover you from your neck to ________________. Knees
Make sure that gloves cover your ___________________. Wrists
The gown front and sleeves are considered to be _________________. Contaminated
A wet gown is considered ______________________. Contaminated
The front of a mask is ________________ and so is the front of the mask. Contaminated
When __________________ a mask touch on the ties or elastic bands. Removing
Items contaminated with blood, body fluids, secretions or excretions are considered __________________________ waste. Biohazardous
Double-bagging is only needed if the _______________ of the bag is wet, soiled or may be contaminated. Outside
Often love, belonging, and self-esteem needs are ______________ when Transmission-Based Precautions are used. Unmet
The Bloodborne Pathogen Standard is a regulation of _____________. OSHA
HIV and HBV are bloodborne pathogens, where are they found? Blood
How do HIV and HBV exit the body? Blood
What means that a person has protection against a certain disease? Immunity
What is a preparation containing dead or weakened microbes? Vaccine
How many injections are involved in the hepatitis B vaccination? Three
Who pays for the hepatitis B vaccine? Center
The hepatitis B vaccination can be given before or after ____________ to HBV. Exposure
You can _____________ to get the hepatitis B vaccine if you sign a statement. Refuse
Discard contaminated needles and sharp instruments in containers that have a lid, are ___________________-_______________ and leak-proof. Puncture-resistant
You should use a brush and ______________ to clean up broken glass. Dustpan
Once the sterile field is set up and you put on your sterile gloves you can only touch things that are __________________. Sterile
If a sterile item comes in contact with a non-sterile item is the item still sterile? No
A sterile package that is torn or wet is considered ____________________. Contaminated
A sterile package is contaminated when the _________________ date has passed. Expiration
The sterile field and sterile items are always kept within your vision and above your ____________________. Waist
A 1-inch margin around the sterile field is considered _________________. Contaminated
If you put on a sterile glove and it needs to be adjusted you should ______________ until you put on the other glove to adjust the glove. Wait
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