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Nasogastric Tubes

Medical-Surgical Nursing

What type of lubricant should you coat an NG tube with? Water-based lubricant (e.g., KY jelly)
What position should the patient be in to insert an NG tube? Fowler's position
What is a nursing intervention that can make insertion of an NG tube easier for a conscious patient? Advise them to take sips of water
How can you tell if an NG tube is in the lungs? Place the end of tube in a cup of water and ask the patient to cough; if the water bubbles, it's in the lungs
What's the only guaranteed way to check placement of an NG tube? X-ray
What should you do before calling X-ray to check NG tube placement? Use a bulb and place it on the end of the tube and place your stethoscope over the stomach; squeeze a small amount of air into the tube and listen for it in the stomach.
When is NG tube insertion contraindicated? In patients with head surgery and facial surgery
What should you assess before NG tube insertion? Nares
What should be a continuous assessment of an NG tube? Nares, tube placement, nasal drainage
What should you do before you push anything down an NG tube? Check the tube's placement
When feeding a patient through an NG tube, do you flush the tube first? Yes
Should you use warm or cold fluids in an NG tube feeding? Why? Warm, because cold fluids can cause gastric cramping
Why should you never hang more than 4-8 hours of feeding at a time? Risk of infection
How often should you check residuals? Every 4 hours, or as ordered
When should you call the doctor over residuals? If it is more than 100 mL
What angle should you set the patient who is having continuous NG feedings? 30 degrees
How long should as patient who is receiving intermittent NG feedings sit up after the feeding? 30-60 minutes
What should the setting be if an NG tube is set to suction? Low-intermittent
Why should you never set an NG tube to continuous suction? It can cause gastric ulceration
What are some complications of an NG tube? Pulmonary aspirate, diarrhea, constipation, tube occlusion, electrolyte imbalance, and fluid overload
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