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Unit 5 Ecosystems

In any food chain who makes their own food? Producers
What makes a food chain? Grass-Rabbit-Bobcat
What is Important to food chains Prey
Why are prey Important to food chains? because they support predator populations
What 2 things show the flow of energy between organisms? Food Chains & webs
Why do the artic fox & the artic hare have white fur during the winter? for camouflage
What animal is needed to sustain a populations of sharks? seals
What part of the giraffe is used to help reach leaves on tall trees? long necks
What percentage of wetlands does Louisiana have? 40%
Where would Animals live that are adapted to a very wet environment? Tropical Rain Forest
What type of pollution is caused by particles in the air? smog
What would anchor a plant to survive on a slope? a strong root system
White tail deer populations are controlled by what? Regulated Hunting
Grass begins a what? food chain
A horse that eats grass is an example of a? Consumer
What happens when the top predator of an ecosystem is removed? The prey increases
Food Webs are models of a food chain that show how food chains overlap in an? Ecosystem
A pond food chain consist of mayflies, frogs, snakes,& if there were an over population of frogs the limited size of the mayfly population would cause the frog population to? Decline
The white color of Artic Hares help them? avoid predators
The fin shape that allows fish to swim fast is an? Adaptaion
This helps a fish population to survive if a new what is introduced? predator
Why does Coastal Louisiana have so many wet lands? Because its where the Mississippi & Gulf of Mexico meet
What are 3 pollutants of soil? Oil, pesticides & trash
What becomes contaminated when we pollute streams? Drinking water supplies
Why can non-native species cause problems for native species? Non-Native species compete for the same resources & have no natural predators so they reproduce rapidly
How do the abiotic characteristics of the pond environment act as a limiting factor in the environment? there is a limited amount of space & oxygen in the pond. These factors can limit the population levels of algae & others species
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