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Fishing Unit 1

Water is life

What are natural resources? Something that can't be made in a factory
what are aquatic resources? Water and all things that live in or around water
what is the hydrosphere? all the water on earth
What percent of the world is salt water 97%
what percent of the US is covered in water? 4%
What is the biggest user of water? agriculture
What is the second biggest user of water? industries
What is pollution? careless use of water
What is conservation? careful use of water
What are the three forms water can take? Liquid, solid, gas
why us water unusual? because its solid form (ice) is not as dense as its liquid form
Water contains dissolved oxygen. What is dissolved oxygen? Oxygen in the water
when does water pollution occur? when too many natural or man-made substances get in the water
Pure water is ______. Water may look clean but still be _______. clear, polluted
Most toxic pollution comes from what? Man Made herbicides, pesticides, and industrial compounds
how does temperature affect water? Hot water holds less oxygen than cool water. All living things, including the plants and animals that live in water, need oxygen.
when does oxygen pollution occur? Organic pollution occurs when too much organic matter gets in the water and uses up a lot of oxygen.
what is inorganic pollution? when things like nitrogen and phosphates build up in the water
what can happen if too much plant growth happens at the top of the surface? Too much plant growth at the surface can block light from reaching deeper water. Then as the plants and algae die and decompose they use up the supply of dissolved oxygen.
what is water quality? and what affects the water quality? The amounts and types of pollution in water affect water quality. Cloudiness and temperature make a big difference in water quality. water quality is water's fitness for a specific use
What are you testing when you test water quality? If you find a lot of organisms what does that tell you? The water’s acidity and how much electricity it will conduct. It would tell you that the water is good
Created by: magicPop