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Biodiversity Test

Human Impact: Changes in Biodiversity

What is deforestation? Clearing of trees and plants
What is Diosgenin? A resource from tropical plants and used in medicines
What is Agave? A resource from a desert plant used for sweetener for food and drinks
Changes to an ecosystem's biodiversity can have a direct effect on... humans because we depend on the Earth's natural resources
What is biodiversity? An area with lots of different plants and animals
What are natural resources? Items created naturally by Earth that are needed by humans
What are pollinating insects? Insects that help spread pollen to grow more crops and plants
What would happen if we didn't have pollinating insects? Crops that humans use for food would be diminished.
Why is biodiversity important in the ocean? Producers in the ocean produce up to 90% of the world's oxygen.
What does marine mean? ocean water
How do people rely on marine water ecosystems? transporting goods, mining the ocean, food, recreational activities
What is another name for non-native species? invasive species
What is a non-native species? an invasive species (plants or animals) that are not originally from that area
How do non-native species reduce biodiversity? by damaging or killing native species
What is an example of a pollinating insect? Bee, butterfly, wasp, flies
Why are pollinating insects important? They help pollinate plants and grow crops.
What is a coral reef? diverse underwater ecosystems held together by calcium carbonate structures secreted by corals
What is a substrate in a coral reef? A man-made surface that helps coral reefs grow
Why are coral reefs important? provide shelter for many animals; provides food and medicine for humans
Human can make a _____ change in coral reefs by helping them grow. positive
Created by: goffteam