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Intraoperative Care

Medical-Surgical Nursing

The incision site
What are the three areas of the surgical suite? Unrestricted, semirestricted, and restricted
Which area of the surgical suite are people with street clothes allowed to be? Unrestricted area
In which area of the surgical suite must people wear surgical attire and cover hair? Semirestricted
In which area of the surgical suite must people wear surgical attire, cover hear, and wear masks? Restricted
What should be verified in the holding area? Relevant documents, diagnostic and lab results, procedure site marked
What is the AOD area? Admission, observation and discharge area
What criteria must be present for a patient to be considered same-day surgery? A hospital stay of less than 24 hours.
What is required for admission to the surgical ICU? Still under sedation
When is OR equipment checked for proper functioning? After every case
What are ideal materials in the OR that are resistant to corroding? Leather and stainless steel
Which perioperative nurse is unsterile? Circulating nurse
What is the role of the circulating nurse? Documents, acts as patient advocate
How is the Mayo stand set up? According to the type of surgery
Which perioperative nurse is sterile? Scrub nurse
How should you scrub for surgery? Begin with your hands and scrub down your arms. Same with rinsing.
How long should you scrub for surgery? 5 minutes
What instrument should be used to shave a patient for surgery? An electric razor
True or False: You can turn your back on a sterile field. False
What size IV gauge should be used in surgery and why? At least 20 gauge in case the patient needs blood products
What size IV gauge should be used for a pediatric patient in surgery? 24 gauge
Should the IV be in place before the patient is brought to the OR? Yes
Where is the center of the sterile field in surgery? At the incision site
How many pairs of gloves should be worn during surgery? 2 pairs
How can you assist the ACP? Know the location of emergency equipment and drugs, remain at patient's side, and know the mechanisms of the anesthetics.
How can you prevent hypothermia? Closely monitor temperature, provide warming blankets, and warm IV fluids
How do you prepare the surgical site? Scrub using a circular motion from clean area to dirty and allow to fully dry
Who takes the patient to the PACU after surgery? The ACP and perioperative team member
Created by: shrewsburysd