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GeoBee Gr.3 First100

Categories included: US, Physical, Potluck

Following Asia, which continent is the most populated? Africa
Which U.S. city is located at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers? St. Louis
Approximately how many millions of miles is the Earth from the sun? 93,000,000
Which of the Great Lakes is the farthest west? Lake Superior
Over one and a half million pilgrims visit what Saudi Arabian city annually? Mecca
Cerro Aconcagua, at 22,834 feet, is the tallest mountain on which continent? South America
From which direction does the sun appear to rise? East
Cape Horn is located at the southern tip of which continent? South America
The Weddell Sea can be found off the western coast of which continent? Antarctica
What percentage of the Earth is covered by oceans? 71 percent
Glaciers on their way to the sea caused what landform commonly found in Norway? Fjords
Named for the shape of a Greek letter, what is the area where a river reaches the ocean and deposits its load of sediment? Delta
A tablelike plateau, surrounded on all sides by scarps, is known as what? Mesa
What types of climates are found in the rainshadow of mountains? Dry, arid (desert)
The semiarid climate that often borders a desert is known by what name? Steppe
A body of water, larger than a bay and surrounded partially by land, is called what? Gulf
Named for a river in MIssissippi, what term is used to describe a river that runs parallel to another river until it can find a break in a natural levee? Yazoo tributary
Ring-shaped islands, created by coral, with a central lagoon are called what? Atolls
What term is used to describe water naturally seeping from the ground? Spring
When a small stream flows into a river, like the Kaskaskia River into the Mississippi, the small stream is known as what? Tributary
What term describes the largest type of glacier that covers large areas of land and sea? Ice sheets or continental glaciers
Which waterfall has the largest flow of water in the world? Niagara Falls
S-shaped curves in a stream of river are also called by what name? Meanders
The point of elevation where trees can longer grow due to cold temperatures and/or frozen soil is called what? Tree line
Large clumps of magma that cool and then rise to the surface to form mountain ranges, such as the Sierra Nevadas, are called what? Batholiths
Artesian springs that come up in the middle of deserts can create what? Oases
What is the name for a landform created by till and deposited by glaciers? Moraine
Monsoons, which drop large amounts of rain in the summer, mostly affect which continent? Asia
Waterfalls consisting of several small steps are known as what? Cascades
When a small glacier flows into a large glacier with a deeper trough, what type of U-shaped valley remains when the glacier recede? Hanging Valley
The boundary between drainage basins, such as the Continental Divide, is known as what? Watershed
What is the area surrounding a river that would be covered by water during a flood called? Floodplain
What term is used to describe a spring that intermittently spurts hot water or steam into the air? Geyser
The horse latitudes are found near which two imaginary lines on the Earth? Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn
What is the longest river in the world? The Nile
What is the name of a narrow valley cut by a river so that the sides are steep? Canyon (or gorge)
The steep area between the continental shelf and the ocean floor is known as what? Continental slope
A narrow strip of land (such as Panama) connecting two larger landmasses is called what? Isthmus
What is the name of the bowl-like features cut into mountains or hills where glaciers form? Cirques
What term is used to describe crescent-shaped lakes, formed when a meander of a stream has been bypassed? Oxbow lakes
What large U.S. lake is the remains of Pleistocene Lake Bonneville? The Great Salt Lake
The circumference of the Earth is largest at which imaginary line? Equator
What is the name for a rocky desert? Reg
In the Southwestern United States, a region called the Sunbelt includes which state - Indiana or New Mexico? New Mexico
Which state borders the Atlantic Ocean - South Carolina or South Dakota? South Carolina
Which state borders the Gulf of Mexico - Alabama or Arizona? Alabama
Which capital city lies east of the Rocky Mountains - Sacramento or Columbus? Columbus
Which mountains have the higher elevation - the Sierra Nevada or the Ozark Mountains? Sierra Nevada
Death Valley, which contains the lowest point in the United States, is located in which state? California
Which city is the largest city in Kentucky and the home of the Kentucky Derby? Louisville
The second largest state in area in the United States is which state? Texas
The smallest state in area in the United States is which state? Rhode Island
Which state is located between Kansas and Texas? Oklahoma
Located in Alaska, which mountain peak is the tallest in the United States? Mount McKinley
Which of the Great Lakes is the largest? Lake Superior
Lake Tahoe lies on the border of California and which other state? Nevada
The junction of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers form the southern boundary of which state? Illinois
Lake Okeechobee, the largest lake in the southern United States, is located in which state? Florida
Which state is westernmost in longitude? Alaska
Lake Ontario borders which state? New York
Lake Powell and Lake Mead are located on which major river? Colorado River
The Columbia River forms part of the southern boundary of Washington and which other state? Oregon
Which state is located along the Appalachian Mountains - Virginia or Nevada? Virginia
The city of New Orleans lies along the delta of which major river? Mississippi River
Which coastal New Jersey city is known for its casinos? Atlantic City
Which major lake is located in Utah? Great Salt Lake
Which large lake is adjacent to the city of New Orleans? Lake Pontchartrain
Which state borders four of the five Great Lakes? Michigan
Which state has more people per square mile? Massachusetts
Which state is located in the region known as the Great Plains - Iowa or Ohio? Iowa
Which state has the capital of Bismark and is located east of Montana? North Dakota
Which state is located in the region known as New England - Indiana or Vermont? Vermont
Which region is an elevated area between the Wasatch Range and the Sierra Nevada? Great Basin
Which elevated region lies east of the Blue Ridge and the Appalachian Mountains? Piedmont
The region known as Acadia is located in which state? Louisiana
Which river forms the boundary between Texas and Mexico? Rio Grande
The Mesabi Range, known for its deposits of iron ore, is located in which state? Minnesota
Which state is one of the country's major producers of oil - Michigan or Texas? Texas
Which national park is located in northwestern Wyoming and was the first national park established in the United States? Yellowstone National Park
Which state is a major producer of dairy products - Wisconsin or Mississippi? Wisconsin
Nantucket Island is a part of which state? Massachusetts
The leading producer of uranium is the United States is which state? Wyoming
The population center of the United States is located in which state? Missouri
Which state produces a large amount of cotton - Montana or South Carolina? South Carolina
Which state is famous for its apples - Washington or Oklahoma? Washington
Spanish missions were established in the eighteenth century in which state? California
Which California valley is responsible for most of the nation's grapes? Central Valley
Which state leads the country in the number of clothing manufacturers? New York
Which state is home to the Winter Wheat Belt - Hawaii or Kansas? Kansas
Which state has Columbia as its capital city and lies along the Atlantic Ocean? South Carolina
Which state's capital is Lansing and is known as the Wolverine State? Michigan
Which territory is not part of any state and is located between Maryland and Virginia? Washington, D.C.
Pensacola and Tampa can be found in which state? Florida
Which city is capital of Illinois and the burial place of Abraham Lincoln? Springfield
Which city is capital of New Mexico and is also the oldest capital city in the United States? Santa Fe
Which U.S. state is composed only of islands? Hawaii
The cities of Mobile and Montgomery can be found in which state? Alabama
In which state can you find the largest county, San Bernardino? California
The northernmost point of the United States, Point Barrow, is located in which state? Alaska
Which the easternmost state of the forty-eight contiguous states? Maine
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