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Chapter 6

Understanding the Resident

What is the concept that considers the whole person? Holism
The whole person has physical, social, psychological and spiritual parts. The parts overlap and cannot be _______________. Separated
You must know and respect the whole person to provide effective, __________________ care. Quality
Call residents by their ________________ - Mr. or Mrs. Titles
Something that is necessary or desired for maintaining life and mental well-being. Need
According to Abraham Maslow, ______________-level needs must be met to survive and function before higher-level needs can be met. Lower
Oxygen, food, water, rest and shelter are examples of which of Maslow's needs? Physical
The need to feel safe from harm, danger and fear is Maslow's safety and _______________ needs. Security
People feel safer and more secure if they know ____________ will happen to them. What
For every _______ measure a person should know: why it is needed, who will do it, how it will be done, what feelings or sensations to expect. Care
Many persons do not feel safe and secure when _________________ to a nursing center. Admitted
Love and ______________ needs relate to love, closeness and affection. Belonging
Family, friends and the _____________ ___________ help the person meet love and belonging needs. Health team
The worth, value, or opinion one has of a person is __________. Esteem
To think of oneself and to see oneself as useful and having value is defined as _____________. Self-esteem
To experience one's potential through leaning, understanding and creating to the limit of a person's capacity is called _______________. Self-actualization
The language, values, beliefs, habits, likes, dislikes, and customs of a group of people. Culture
A person's culture influences their ___________________ beliefs and practices. Healthcare
Spiritual beliefs, needs and practices all relate to a person's ______________. Religion
The _____________ _______________ includes the person's cultural and religious practices. Care plan
You must ______________ and accept the person's culture and religion. Respect
It is important that you do not try to ____________ your religion and cultural beliefs on other people. Force
Any lost, absent or impaired physical or mental function is called a __________________. Disability
What is a common response to illness and disability? Anger
The person's highest potential for mental and physical performance is called the ______________ level of function. Optimal
You should always focus on the person's _________________. Abilities
Promoting the "________ __________" with disabled people in a nursing center reduces quality of life Sick role
What type of residents are very disabled, and need total assistance with all activities? Complete care
Residents that have problems coping and adjusting to _________ resulting in their behavior and functioning being affected. Stress
Terminally ill persons are ____________. Dying
A person who is unable to respond to stimuli is said to be _____________. Comatose
______________ is a common emotion that is communicated verbally and nonverbally. Anger
A person with this type of behavior is very critical of others, nothing seem to please this person. Demanding
A person who cares only about his or her own needs and demands the time and attention of others is said to be _______________. Self-centered
A person with ______________ behavior may swear, bite, hit, pinch, scratch or kick. Aggressive
A person with this behavior has little or no contact with family, friends, and staff. Withdrawal
Inappropriate sexual behavior may be caused by disease, confusion, ____________, or drug side affects. Dementia
For effective communication you must understand and ___________ the resident as a person. Respect
For effective communication you must appreciate the person's problems and __________________. Frustrations
For effective communication you must ________________ the person's rights. Respect
For effective communication you must respect the person's _____________ and culture. Religion
For effective communication you must give the person time to ______________ the information that you give to them. Understand
For effective communication you must ______________ information as often as needed. Repeat
For effective communication you should ask _______________ to see if the person understood you. Questions
For effective communication you should include the person in conversations when others are ___________________. Present
Words, either spoken or written, are used in __________________ communication. Verbal
Messages are sent with gestures, facial expressions, posture, body movements, touch and smell when using ______________communication. Nonverbal
What is a very important form of nonverbal communication that conveys comfort, caring, love, affection, interest, trust, concern and reassurance? Touch
Touch practices vary among ____________________ groups. Culture
People send messages through their _______________ language. Body
You must ______________ reactions to odors from body fluids, secretions, excretions or the person's body because it may cause embarrassment and humiliation. Control
When you ________________ you need to focus on verbal and nonverbal communications. Listen
What is it called when you restate the person's message in your own words? Paraphrasing
Which type of questions focus on specific information that you need to know? Direct
Which type of questions allow the person to share thoughts, feelings or ideas? Open-Ended
How do you make sure that you understand the person's message? Clarifying
When clarifying, you can ask the person to __________ the message by saying that you do not understand. Repeat
What communication technique is helpful to get the person back on the topic when they are rambling or wandering in thought? Focusing
Sometimes you do not need to say anything which makes ______________ a very powerful way to communicate. Silence
Silence give people time to ____________, organize thoughts and choose words. Think
Communication _______________ prevent the sending and receiving of messages. Barriers
When communicating, you and the person must use and understand the same ____________________. Language
A person of a different _______________ may attach different meanings to verbal and nonverbal communication. Culture
Often people will change the _______________ when the topic becomes uncomfortable. Subject
Giving opinions involves _______________ values, behaviors or feelings. Judging
One barrier to communicating includes ____________ a lot when others are silent. Talking
If you pretend to ________________ it shows that you have a lack of caring and interest. Listen
Sometimes _____________ and disability affects a person's ability to communicate. Illness
Values and communication styles vary among ___________ groups. Age
An example of a ____________ answer would be telling someone "Don't worry", it shows that you do not care about the person's concerns. Pat
A person may acquire a disability any time from ______ to old age. Birth
The person does not ___________ to have a disability and they must adjust. Choose
People with disabilities have the same _____________ needs as you and everyone else. Basic
It is believed that a comatose person can still _______________, therefore you should knock before entering the room and introduce yourself each time you enter. Hear
Friends and family help meet safety and security, ____________ and belonging and self-esteem needs. Love
The presence or absence of family or friends affects the person's __________________ of life. Quality
In most case you will ask visitors to leave the room when providing care, however the resident may ________ that the person stays. Requests
If a visitor appears to upset or be tiring a resident you need to report your observation to the ______________. Nurse
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