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Chapter 2

Resident Rights, Ethics, and Laws

OBRA requires that nursing centers provide care in a manner and setting that maintains or improves each person's ________________ or life. Quality
The nursing center and their staff cannot interfere with a resident's ___________________. Rights
Which resident right allows the person access to all of their records? Information
The person has the right to be fully informed of his or her ______________ condition. Health
Who do you report requests for information to? Nurse
Which resident right gives the resident the right to refuse the care offered by the center? Refusing Treatment
A person who does not give ______________ for treatment cannot be treated against his or her wishes. Consent
The staff must provide care in a manner that maintains the _______________ of the person's body. Privacy
Information about the person's care, treatment and condition is kept __________________________. Confidential
Which resident right allows the resident to choose their own doctors, activities, bedtime, clothing and food? Personal Choice
Which resident right allows the resident to voice concerns, questions, and complaints about treatment or care? Grievances
The resident's right to choose to perform services or jobs for the center is their right to __________________. Work
The person has the right to form and take part in resident ____________. Groups
Residents have the right to bring items from home to use in their rooms. What is this right called? Personal Items
A resident's personal property is __________________ with the person's name. Labeled
Do not go through a person's closet or person items without the person's ___________________ and consent. Knowledge
The willful infliction of injury, unreasonable confinement, intimidation is called ________________ Abuse
Abuse is a punishment that results in __________________ harm, pain or mental anguish. Physical
Abuse is ______________________ a person of the goods or services needed to attain or maintain well-being. Depriving
Separating a person from others against his or her will is an example of ______________ ________________. Involuntary Seclusion
Involuntary seclusion involves keeping a person _____________ to a certain area. Confined
Keeping the person away from his or her ______________ without consent is an example of involuntary seclusion. Room
You should always use the person's proper ______________ and title. Name
To promote privacy you should always pull the privacy ______________ during care procedures. Curtain
Always close the door and ______________ coverings when giving care. Window
What should you do before you enter the room? Knock
Who is someone who supports or promotes the needs and interest of another person in a long-term care setting? Ombudsman
What is the knowledge of what is right conduct and wrong conduct? Ethics
What is an unintentional wrong in which a person did not act in a reasonable and careful manner? Negligence
What do you call negligence by a professional person like nurses, doctors, dentists and pharmacists? Malpractice
Standard of _____________ refers to skills, care and judgments required by a health team member under similar conditions. Care
What you do or don't do can lead to a ____________ if harm results to the person or property of another. Lawsuit
You are legally ___________ for your own actions. Responsible
As your supervisor the nurse is ________________ for your actions. Liable
What have you committed when you purposely say or do something to trick, fool or deceive a person? Fraud
Intentionally attempting or threatening to touch a person's body without the person's consent is called? Assault
Touching a person't body without his or her consent is called? Battery
The person must ________________ to any procedure, treatment or other act that involves touching the body. Consent
A legal document of how a person wants property distributed after death is called a ______________. Will
Physical ______________ involves inflicting, or threatening to inflict, physical pain or injury. Abuse
Failure to provide the person with the goods or services needed is called? Neglect
_______________ abuse involves using oral or written words or statements that speak badly, criticize or condemn the person. Verbal
The mis-use of an older person's resources (money, property or assets) for the benefit of another is called financial ___________. Exploitation
A person who deserts someone they are supposed to give care to is charged with ________________. Abandonment
Who should you talk to if you suspect a resident is being abused? Nurse
___________________ abuse occurs in relationships when one partner has power and control over another through abuse. Domestic
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