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all science


consumer organism that gets it's energy by feeding on other organisms
decomposer type of bacteria or fungus that breaks down dead organisms and wastes
shredder organisms that eat the tissue of other organism,organic matter and wood
pest any organism that spreads disease, destroys property, competes with people for resources such as food, or just and nuissance
interrogated pest manager important pest management tool that uses a mix of methods such ad traps,disease-resistant plants, and natural pest-killing substances, as well as the introduction of predators to control pests
dichotomous exhibiting or characterized by dichotomy
ecosystem group of living organisms that interact with one another and the non-living physical environment as one unit
enviroment the total of the surroundings(air and all that) influencing each others living existence
abiotic non-living organism
biotic living organism
biomes Homes/habitats(rain forest, tundra ETC)
niche The role an organism plays in a ecosystem
homeostasis the tendency for a system by resisting change to remain in a state of equilibrium>balanced
acid deposision precipitation with a pH less than 5.6 that forms in the atmosphere when certain pollutants mix with water vapor
stream order energy and nutrient flow that increases as water moves towards the ocean
watersheds the land area between land and water
wetlands lands where the water saturation is the dominant factor determining the nature of the soil development in the plant and aminal communities
hydrology study of movement, distribution and quality of earth's water
groundwater water underground
lentic relating to or living in still water
lotic relating to or living in actively water
mitigation The policy of constructing or creating man made habitats such as wetlands, to replace those lost to development
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