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Chapter 4

Medical Terminology and Abbreviations

before, forward, in front of ante
bad, difficult, abnormal dys
small, scant olig
many, much poly
fast, rapid tachy
vessel angio
joint athro
blue cyano
skin derma
stomach gastro
water hydro
muscle myo
bone osteo
breathing, respiration pnea
mouth stomato
poison, poisonous toxico
blood vessel, vas deferens vaso
pain algia
blood condition emia
to eat or consume, swallowing phagia
speaking phasia
paralysis plegia
excessive flow rrhage
creation of an opening stomy
right upper quadrant RUQ
left upper quadrant LUQ
right lower quadrant RLQ
left lower quadrant LLQ
at or towards the from of the body or body part anterior
the part farthest from the center or from the point of attachment distal
away from the mid-line; at the side of the body or body part lateral
at or near the middle or mid-line of the body or body part medial
at or toward the back of the body or body part posterior
the part nearest to the center or to the point of origin proximal
activities of daily living ADL
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