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Fluid and Electrolytes Study Guide

I am the test that can be performed for visual inspection of the lungs. Bronchoscopy
If I was NPO until my gag reflex returned this would be consistent with what testing. Bronchoscopy
Complications of this procedure could be hypoxia, pneumothorax, bronchospasm or bleeding Bronchoscopy
This test will allow the provider to see abnormalities or lesions of the chest/lungs. Chest x-ray
This test may be used to test for the presence of a pulmonary emboli and may use contrast. CT of chest
What nursing consideration is appropriate prior to a patient undergoing a CT of the chest? Assessment for contrast dye, iodine or shellfish allergy
When a patient is undergoing a CT scan of the chest it is important to educate the patient regarding this? When dye is injected it may cause flushing and this is a normal response to the dye.
This vital measurement would be erroneous if a patient had been in a fire. Pulse oximetry due to carbon monoxide.
The provider has concerns regarding the oxygen status, the nurse would expect an order for this test. Arterial Blood Gases
A patient that experiences shortness of breath when laying down is said to have what condition? Orthopnea
Which part of the brain is responsible for impulses to primary respiratory muscles? Medulla
When the oxygen and carbon dioxide move in opposite directions between the alveoli and capillaries, this is referred to as what? Diffusion
Clubbing of the fingertips can indicate what? Long term hypoxia
I help to dilate the bronchial passages and reduce airway resistance, making it easier to breathe, Xanthines (theophylline)
I reduce inflammation and help the airway respond to bronchodilators. Corticosteroids
I help suppress coughing and mobilize secretions. Antitussives and expectorants
I block or reverse inflammation caused by a sensitivity reaction. Antihistamine
I help to relax muscles and allow bronchodialation Beta Agonists
These signs and symptoms indicate what condition: decreased Level of consciousness (LOC), tachycardia, arrhythmias, diaphoresis, restlessness, clammy skin and cyanosis. Hypoxia
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