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Catastrophic Events

Catastrophic Events Test Review

TRUE or FALSE: Hurricanes can harm plants in coastal ecosystems by the clouds blocking the sun for too long. FALSE
An example of how flooding can impact __________ is burial and uprooting of plants. ecosystems
A forest _____ can have be a positive effect because it clears underbrush to allow new plants to grow. fire
TRUE or FALSE: A tornado's path is usually a narrow path. TRUE
Extremely strong winds associated with a tornado will have the greatest _______ effect on birds and other animals that use trees for shelter. negative
The change that would most likely be observed in the _____ parts of an ecosystem is taller sand dunes on the beach. non-living
TRUE or FALSE: Hurricanes can harm plants in coastal ecosystems by causing soil to wash away due to high water TRUE
Convection currents take cool air from above and move it down while pushing _____ air from below to the top. warm
In a _____ ecosystem, during a hurricane a loss of plant life from waltwater brought in by the storm surge may occur. marsh
TRUE or FALSE: A hurricane that comes in from the Gulf of Mexico will most likely have an effect on plants on the Texas coastline, where the salt water surges. TRUE
A catastrophic event that would most likely result in trees being knocked over and the disappearance of most of the plants and animals along a narrow path in a forest is called a ________. Tornado
TRUE or FALSE: Hurricanes can harm plants in coastal ecosystems by high winds knocking down trees. TRUE
A flood strikes more quickly so it will have a greater effect on a habitat than a heavy rainfall event because the flood does not allow the organisms to _____. migrate
Tornados can negatively affect an ecosystem when their strong ______ uproot many of the important plants. winds
TRUE or FALSE: A thunderstorm's lightening can start forest fires TRUE
The banks of a river will experience an _______ in erosion when high rains cause the flow in the river to increase. increase
Tornadoes can be more damaging than a ___________ to trees in a habitat because tornados produce stronger winds. hurricane
TRUE or FALSE: There is a decrease in organisms that reproduce in fresh water when an ecosystem is flooded. FALSE
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