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Cmaa Practice Test

First no show: Note it in the patients medical chart
Second no show: Warn the patient
Third no show: Consider dismissing the patient from the practice. Make sure this is done in such a way that provides legal protection for the provider
First class mail: Sealed or unsealed typed or handwritten material, including letters , postal cards, postcards and business reply mail
Priority mail: First class mail weighing more than 13 ounces
Standard mail: Mail that includes advertising, promotional, directory editorial material, or any combination of such material
Insured mail: Mail that has insurance coverage against loss or damage
Registered mail: Mail of all classes protected by registering and requesting evidence of its delivery
Certified mail: First class mail that also gives the mail added protection by offering insurance, tracking, and return receipt options
Packing slips A list of packages
Private carriers Companies that can deliver mail faster , either overnight or within 1 or 2 days
Created by: daauna_s
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