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Chapter 3

Work Ethics

__________________ __________________ deals with behavior in the workplace. Work ethics
You must give _____________ and effective care. Safe
You must be ______________ and mentally healthy. Physically
You need to eat a balanced ________________. Diet
Most adults need about ___________ hours of sleep daily. Seven
You need to use your muscles ____________________. Correctly
Exercise is needed for muscle tone, circulation and ______________ ____________. Weight loss
It is important to take care of your eyes. If you read measurements wrong you can cause the person ______________. Harm
_____________________ causes lung, heart and circulatory disorders. Smoking
Some ______________ affect thinking , feeling, behavior and function. Drugs
You should take only ___________________ ordered by a doctor. Medications
Alcohol is a drug that _________________ the brain. Depresses
How often should you bathe? Daily
Foot care prevents ______________ and infection, therefore you should wash your feet daily. Odors
_______________ and bracelets can scratch a resident. Rings
Confused or combative persons can easily pull on ______________ or dangling earrings. Necklaces
Wear a wristwatch that has a __________________ hand. Second
You should wear shoes with what type of soles? Non-skid
Keep your _______________ off your collar and away from your face. Hair
Do not wear perfume because the scent may offend, nauseate or cause ___________________ problems in residents. Breathing
Which quality or trait of good work ethic means that you have concern for the person and help to make the person's life happier, easier or less painful? Caring
Which quality and trait of good work ethics means that you report to work on time, complete delegated tasks and keep obligations and promises? Dependable
Which quality or trait of good work ethic means that you do not judge or condemn the person, and you treat the person with dignity at all times? Respectful
Which quality or trait of good work ethic means that you know your feeling, strengths and weaknesses Self-aware
Employers check the nursing assistant ______________ before they hire you. Registry
An employer may require proof of your ____________________. Training
When you arrive for the interview you what should you turn off? Cell phone
When answering questions you should give complete and ______________ answers. Honest
You should avoid short and ________________ answers. Long
Briefly _________________ "yes" and "no" answers. Explain
Review the job _________________ with the interviewer. Description
You should send a _______________ letter or note within 24 hours after the interview. Thank-you
Employer look at the job applications to see if you can follow ______________________________, Instructions
If something on the application does not apply to you should write N/A which means ___________________. Non-applicable
Provide information about employment gaps to give a good impression about your ___________________________. Honesty
How many references should you be prepared to give? Four
What is it called if you lie and don't list all of your previous jobs on an application? Fraud
What is the name of a staff member who guides another staff member? Preceptor
A nursing assistant preceptor is not your ___________________. Supervisor
Who is responsible for an emergency with your child? You
Always have a back-up ______________ for getting to work. Plan
If you are the driver in the carpool and you need to make an unexpected stop, you should leave your house _____________ in order to be able to pick everyone up on time. Earlier
Follow the center's attendance __________________ in your employee handbook. Policy
Be ready to ________ when your shift starts. Work
Arrive on your nursing unit a few __________________ early. Minutes
Good attendance means staying the __________________ shift. Entire
What word means to spread rumors or talk about the private matters of others? Gossip
You should _______________ yourself from a group or setting where people are gossiping. Remove
The person's information is shared only among the _____________ ___________ _________________ involved in his or her care. Health team members
What word means to listen in or overhear what others are saying. Eavesdrop
Your speech and language must be _____________________________. Professional
A __________________ is a polite, considerate, or helpful comment or act. Courtesy
Person matters cannot interfere with the job or your resident's care may be ___________________________. Neglected
Make personal phone calls during ________________. Breaks
Family and friends can only visit you on your __________________. Break
Do not use the center's computers, printers, fax machines, copiers or other equipment for your _______________ use. Personal
Tell the ____________________ when you leave and return from lunch and breaks. Nurse
The response of change in the body caused by any emotional, physical, social or economic factor is called ___________________. Stress
What is the event or factor that causes stress called? Stressor
__________________ affects you, the care you give, the person's quality of life, and how you relate to co-workers. Stress
_________________________ means to trouble, torment, offend or worry a person by one's behavior or comments. Harassment
Do not _____________ others by your gestures, remarks, use of touch, jokes, photos or other pictures. Offend
Harassment is not _______________ in the workplace. Legal
How much notice should you give when you want to quit your job? Two weeks
Poor attendance, falsifying records, neglect and sleeping are common reason to _______________ a job. Lose
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