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AIDS and CDs

Study for aids test

Question Answer
What is a communicable disease A diesease that is passed from one person to another
What are some communicable diseases Flu, Chicken Pox,Mumps,Polio,AIDS,Strep Throat,A Cold,Pink Eye, Measles
AIDS is a ________ disease communicable disease
Bacteria Organisms that live in water, soil, and on almost any surface
Virus Is smaller than bacteria and can multiply quickly
Fungus An example of an infection caused by fungus is Athletes Feet
Red Blood Cells Carry oxygen to all parts of the body
White Blood Cells Fight infection
Your body has more _____ than _____ RBC’s than WBC’s
A=__ I=___ D=____ S=___ A= Acquired I= Immune D= Deficiency S = Syndrome
AIDS is caused by _________ A virus (HIV) This virus lives in the blood
AIDS results in the body not being able to fight infection
General sign and symptoms of AIDS No signs or symptoms, Constant fever, Fatigue which means being tired, Diarrhea, swollen glands
AIDS enters the body through Illegal IV drug use, Blood Transfusion, Baby born to mother who has AIDS
What can we do to protect ourselves from getting AIDS or other communicable diseases Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, wash your hands with soap and water, get a bath or shower daily, don’t share personal items such as as a toothbrush, don’t use harmful drugs, get you vaccine shots against communicable diseases
Created by: ryguy5756