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Using Latin II:III

Beginning Latin

Aditus, -us (m.) Way of approach, approach, entrance; Access
Exitus, -us (m.) A going out; Exit; Conclusion, end, result
Reditus, -us (m.) Return
Acies, -ei (f.) Tip, point, edge; Battle line, battle array; Encounter, battle; Flash (of the eye)
Negotium, -i (n.) Buisiness, task; Trouble
Negotium dare To employ
Opus, operis (n.) Work, labor, task; Deed; Structure, siege work, fortification; Want, necessity
Opus est (imper.) There is need of, it is necessary
Magno opere Greatly, very much
Quanto opere? How much? How greatly?
Supplicium, -i (n.) Punishment
Noceo, -ere, -ui, -itum To harm, injure
Pareo, -ere, -ui, --- To obey, submit, be subject to
Persuadeo, -suadere, -suasi, -suasum To persuade, convince, induce
Cogo, -ere, coegi, coactum To bring together, collect; Compel, force
Conjungo, -jungere, -junxi, -junctum To fasten together, join, unite
Consisto, -sistere, -stiti, --- To take one's stand, halt, make a stand; Consist
Conspicio, -spicere, -spexi, -spectum To catch sight of, look at, observe
Consto, -stare, -stiti, -staturus To stand together, stand with; Consist; Agree
Constat (impersonal verb) It is known, it is certain, it is agreed
Adduco, -ducere, -duxi, -ductum To lead to, bring against, conduct, bring; Draw to, draw tight; Induce, influence
Dejicio, -jicere, -jeci, -jectum To throw down; Drive away; Drive down
Perrumpo, -rumpere, -rupi, -ruptum To break through
Praesto, -stare, -stiti, -stitum To stand before; Excel; Show
Praestat (impersonal verb) It is better, preferable
Reddo, -dere, -didi, -ditum To give back, restore; Give up; Make
Suscipio, -cipere, -cepi, -ceptum To take up; Undertake, assume; Begin
Trado, -dere, -didi, -ditum To hand over, deliver up, surrender; Hand down, tell; Teach
Traduco, -ducere, -duxi, -ductum To lead across, transfer, conduct
Traho, -ere, traxi, tractum To draw, drag, draw along, draw away
Hortor, -ari, -atus sum (dep.) To encourage, cheer, exhort, urge, advise
Cohortor, -ari, -atus sum (dep.) To encourage, urge on
Frustra (adv) Vainly, in vain, without effect
Paulum (adv) A little
Incolumis, -e Unharmed, safe
Ad solis occasum At sunset
Initium transeundi facere To take the initiative in crossing, be the first to cross
Navem conscendere To embark
Navem solvere To set sail
Quam celerrime As soon as possible
Tali modo Of such a kind, in such a way
Tergum vertere To flee
Created by: Hamilcar