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Water issues Africa

Water issues in Africa

water scarcity not having enough water to meet the needs of the population - less than 1000 cubic meters of water per person
water stress water in danger of becoming scarce - less than 1500 cubic meters per person
desertification land becoming desert in areas formerly farmland
deforestation cutting down of trees and clearing of vegetation due to human development
list three main environmental issues of Africa water scarcity and pollution, deforestation (poor soil) and desertification
What is causing the environmental issues associated with the Nile River? overpopulation, animal and human waste, poor sanitation, fertilizers
What are some causes of water pollution in Africa? factories, people and animal waste, overpopulation, frequency of parasites living in standing water
How has industrialization added to the water pollution problem and why is it ignored by some government officials in Africa? factories pollute the water but the increased profit is helping the economy so regulations and environmental issues are not a major concern for the countries involved
Explain why water wars might occur in areas that have large rivers in Africa. Water is a basic need for life; large populations live near river systems and when dams are built which restrict water flow downstream, conflicts can occur.
How has the Aswan Dam affected farming in Africa? Annual flooding no longer occurs on the Nile River thus fertile or rich soil is no longer left behind but irrigation is now used year-round. Use of fertilizers have led to salt buildup which causes the soil to be useless.
What are causes of desertification and what areas of Africa are affected? Poor farming techniques, overuse of land, overgrazing by animals, cutting down of trees and other vegetation results in desertification in areas such as the Sahara/Sahel.
What is a major use of the Niger River? Used for transportation and agriculture
What is a major use of the Congo River? transportation of goods and people from the interior of Africa to the Atlantic Ocean
What countries does the Nile River flow through? Egypt, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, S. Sudan, and Zaire.
What are the 4 major vegetation zones/regions of Africa? Sahara, Sahel, Savanna, and Tropical rainforest
Which region is experiencing deforestation and what are some causes? Sahel and rainforest; cutting trees for fuel, nothing holding soil in place and erosion occurs, clear-cutting and logging for farmland and fuel
What are the major deserts in Africa? Sahara in North Africa and Kalahari in southern Africa
What is the highest point of elevation in Africa and where is it located? Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
What is causing the environmental issues associated with the Niger River Delta? Petroleum pollution - spills
What are some causes and effects of water pollution in Africa? overpopulation, poor farming practices, use of fertilizers, industrial waste, parasites/waterborne diseases
What is drought and why has it been a problem in Africa? A period of very little rainfall which can cause starvation and poverty.
What are the causes of desertification and what areas of Africa are affected? The Sahel is affected because of poor farming practices, trees being cut down and the soil not being held in place, overgrazing animals, draining surface groundwater for industrial and home use
What are the effects of desertification? Less land is available, starvation and poverty, and people relocate to the city but can't find work.
Created by: darcymcfarlane
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