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OB ch 1

Advantages of current, traditional birth settings... create a more homelike and family-centered approach to maternity care. advances in technology have increased neonatal survival rates. technology in the hospital setting can promote patient safety.
Disadvantages of current, traditional birth settings... 1. Birthing centers do not have adequate technology readily available if complications arise. 2. Malpractice insurance is expensive and difficult for midwives to obtain causing most to move their practice to the hospital/ birthing centers.
What is the Human Genome Project? International effort to identify and "map" all genetic material present in the human body. Enables gene therapy to replace missing genes or alter defective genes.
How is gender selection of the fetus accomplished? sperm separation
What issues arise with gender selection practices? Moral and ethical issues
What ethnic groups are at risk for Thalassemia? African, Greek, Italian and Middle Eastern
What ethnic groups are at risk for Tay-Sachs disease? Ashkenazi
What are clinical pathways? maps of collaborative care given by the interdisciplinary health care team that provide information regarding the patients expected progress each day
Examples of clinical pathways... care maps, care paths, case management plans. these include nursing assessments, teaching and interventions
What is the role of the nurse in the community-based setting? Patient advocate, Educator, Private practitioners (lactation consultants) Works with the interdisciplinary health care team to identify needs within the community to create cost effective approaches to comprehensive preventative and therapeutic care.
What is Healthy People 2020 US contribution to the WHO's Health for All plan. Establishes national health goals and identifies the greatest preventable theats to our nations health.
The two main goals for 2020 are to... 1. Increase years of healthy life 2. eliminate health disparities
4 subgoals of 2020 1. promote healthy behaviors 2. protect health 3. provide accesss to high-quality health care 4. strengthen community prevention and provide access to care
Who develops the national objectives covering all areas of health and the environment? USDHHS (United States Department of Health and Human Services)
Birth certificates are registered with... the local government
A state report is ultimately sent out to the... National Office of Vital Statistics
Why are birth certificates so important? Statistics generated by birth certificates depict the health of the nations women and children. The information helps the government allocate resources to various identified needs.
Establish minim criteria for competent nursing care, protecting the public and are used to judge the quality of care provided... standards of care
What is QSEN? Quality and Safety Education for Nurses
Nuclear family type... Husband, wife, and their biological children
Blended or reconstituted... a combination of two families with children from one or both families
Cohabitating... unmarried couple living together, may have their own children, children from previous marriages or adopted children
Communal... Several families living together who share responsibilities of work and childcare
Extended... more than one generation, expanded to include relatives outside of the nuclear family (grandparents, aunts uncles)
Same-sex... A gay or lesbian couple with or without children
Single-parent... never married, divorced, separated or widowed male or female who has at least one child
Stepparent... A person who has married a man or woman who has at least on child
Effective Communication is an important nursing skill with three main components... listening, observing and documenting
Documentation can facilitate __________________ which can enhance patient outcomes and minimize legal problems. continuity of care
__________ is an organized structure that guides behavior for a particular group. Shaped by values, beliefs, and practices shared by persons of the same background. culture
Federal legislation has been passed that enables women who have had C-sections to stay in the hospital for how long? 72 hours
Complementary therapies are __________________ methods used in conjunction with conventional therapy. nontraditional
_________________________involves the use of both CAM treatments and traditional allopathic medicine tailored to meet individual needs in a safe least invasive and cost effective manner. Integrative health care
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