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Module 10 Vocab

Apologia Marine Biology

estuary a semi-enclosed area at the mouth of a river where fresh water and seawater meet and mix
ice age a period in the earth's history when the average temperature of the earth was significantly cooler than it is now
glaciers moving sheets of ice that flow across land
uniformitarians scientists who believe that there were many ice ages in the earth's history and each of them took a long time to occur
catastrophists scientists who believe that there was one major ice age in the history of the earth and it was brought on by the worldwide Flood of Noah's time
drowned river valleys the most common of the five types of estuaries (sometimes called coastal plain estuaries)
bar-built estuary another type of estuary developed because of a sand bar or barrier island
fjord a type of estuary that is the result of glaciers cutting deeply into the earth as they moved near the coast
river delta a fan-shaped estuary where a river reaches the sea and deposits sediment along the coast
tectonic estuary a type of estuary formed as the result of motion in the earth's crust
salt wedge a diagonal delineation of salinities that happen where seawater & fresh water meet
euryhaline species that can tolerate a wide range of salinities
stenohaline species that can tolerate a narrow range of salinities
brackish water that is less salty than seawater but saltier than fresh water
wetlands estuarine areas of high elevations that are periodically covered with water
salt marshes temperate wetlands in temperate areas of the world and are wet, grassy areas
mangrove forests wetlands that you will find in tropical climates
mudflats wide expanses of an estuary that are exposed during low tide