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Japanese 2

Japanese Lesson 2 - Useful Expressions

Ogenki desuka? Are you well?
Hai, genki desu Yes, I'm well
Iie. genki dewa (ja) arimasen No, I'm not well; "ja arimasen" sounds more casual, and is used more in daily conversation.
Hai, totemo genki desu Yes, I'm very well
Mama desu So so
Wakari masuka? Do you understand?
Hai, wakari masu Yes, I understand
Iie, wakari masen No, I don't understand
Sukoshi wakari masu I understand a little
Nihongo ga wakari masuka? Do you understand Japanese?
Eigo ga wakari masuka? Do you understand English?
Wakaru To understand, to know
Wakari masu I understand
Wakari masen I don't understand
Wakari mashita I understood (I got it. All right).
Onegaishimasu Please
Moichido onegaishimasu One more time, please
Yukkuri onegaishimasu Slowly, please
Menyu o onegaishimasu Menu please
Dozo Please; used to offer something (here you are, after you, etc.)
Chotto matte kudasai One moment, please
Chotto A little
Matte kudasai Please wait
Nan desuka? What is it?
Kore wa nan desuka? What's this? (in speaker's hand)
Sore wa nan desuka? What is it? (in the listener's hand)
Are wa nan desuka? What's that? (in the sky)
Are That (some distance away from both)
Nan (nani) What
Nanji desuka? What time is it?
Shuppatsu wa nanji desuka? What time is the departure?
Tochaku wa nanji desuka? What time is the arrival?
Doko desuka? Where is it?
Toire wa doko desuka? Where is the toilet?
Ari masuka? Do you have? Is there?
Bejitarian ryori wa ari masuka? Do you have vegetarian dishes?
Intanetto kafe wa ari masuka? Is there an internet cafe?
Ikura desuka? How much is it?
Daburu rumu wa ikura desuka? How much is a double room?
Wa ikura desuka? How much is [this]?
Naze desuka? Why is it?
Daijobu desuka? Are you alright?
Hai, daijobu desu Yes, I'm alright
Created by: formula1fan