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plant quiz


What do Roots do? Anchor the plant to the ground, absorb water and minerals, and sometimes store food.
Define Fibrous a dense, tangled mass of many roots.
Define Taproot main root with branches of roots.
What does a Root cap do? Protect the cell
Define Root Hairs absorb nutrients and water
What does the root hairs collect? xylem (water) and phloem (food)
What do stems do? transport water and nutrients between the roots and leaves, and support the leaves.
what are the two different types of stems? Woody and herbaceous
Define Woody solid stem
define herbaceous Soft stem such as a asparagus
What do stems consist of? Heartwood (old xylem that support the tree), xylem tissue (transport water), phloem tissue (transport food), cambium ( tissue that produces xylem and phloem), cork (protects the cell), and bark (protects the inner cells).
What do leaves do? Leaves capture the sun's energy and carry out photosynthesis.
Define guard cells (surface cell) top and bottom the protect the leaf.
Define Mesophyll the inner tissue (prenchyma) of a leaf, containing many chloroplasts.
What are the veins that pass through the leaves? xylem and phloem
Define stomata small openings or pores that open and close to allow these things to pass: water vapor, carbon dioxide, and oxygen
The equation of photosynthesis carbon dioxide + water + sun energy --> O2 + Glucose (sugar)
Define transpiration the process by which water evaporates from plant's leaves.
Define cuticle waxy substance that also regulates water loss.
define embryo an organism that develops from the zygote
define zygote the fertilized egg
define endosperm food for the embryo inside the seed
define cotyledon part of the embryo. Often into the first leaves
define seed coat the outer covering of the seed, protects the embryo
define germination when a seed starts to grow into a plant
what 3 things does a plant need in order to germination? moisture, oxygen, and the proper temperature
why do plants disperse seeds? to increase their population and to prevent competing with the parent for resources
how do plants disperse? wind, fruit, burrs, ejection, water, and ANIMALS
What does the embryo provide for the roots, stems, and leaves? The material
What does the embryo feed on until it can make its own food? The endospore
define flower the reproductive structure of an angiosperm.
define pollintaion the transfer of pollen from male reproductive structure to female reproductive structures.
define sepals protect the developing flower and are often green
define petals generally the most colorful part of the flower. petal's shapes depend on the flower.
define staments the male reproductive parts
define pistils the female reproductive parts, usually in the center of the flower.
define ovary protects the seeds as they develop
define sporophyte the stage where the plant produces spores
define gametophyte the stage where the plant produces two kinds of sex cells: the sperm cell and the egg cell
define annuals flowering plants that complete a life cycle within one growing season
define biennials angiosperms that complete their life cycle in two years
define perennials flowering plants that live for more than two years
define perfect flowers have both a stamen and a pistil
define imperfect flowers either have a stamen or a pistil
define composite flowers many perfect flowers; daisy
What are the 6 steps 1. seed 2. germination 3. stems & roots 4. leaves 5. flowers 6.pollination
define cross-pollination occurs when pollen is carried from one plant to another of the same species. variation is the result
define hybrid plants are cross-pollinated to achieve specific features. Pluots, tangelo.
What are the nine parts of the flower sepal, petal, ovary, style, pistil, stigma, stamen, filament, and anther
What are the basic parts of a plant? Roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds
What are the stages of a plant's life cycle? seed, germination, roots and stems, leaves, flower, pollination
What are the two types of leaves? simple and compound.
In the food making process what things are changed into glucose? CO2, water, chlorophyll, light energy
define fertilization the joining of pollen with an ovule to form a seed.
What are the 7 things needed to grow? room to grow, temp, light, water, air, nutrients, and time.
How do nonflowering plants reproduce? spores which disperse.
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