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Energy Review

Energy stored in the nucleus of an atom is called _______ energy. Nuclear
A pole-vaulter first converts _______ energy into elastic energy. kinetic
Energy is measured in units called ______. Joules
Unlike kinetic energy, ______________ is stored. Potential Energy
You would calculate and object's ________________ by adding kinetic and potential energies. (ME=PE+KE) mechanical energy
Visible light is an example of ___________________. electromagnet energy
Fossil fuels contain energy that originally came from the ___. sun
The energy associated with the motion and position of an object is __________. mechanical
The type of energy stored by fossil fuels, such as coal, is ________ potential energy. chemical
The energy associated with motion is called _________. mechanical
Moving water can be used to produce ____ because most forms of energy can be converted into other forms. steam
When fossil fuels are burned, their ________ potential energy is converted into thermal energy. chemical
The ability to do work is called ______. energy
The scientist who suggested that energy can be created under certain conditions was ________. Einstein
Potential energy that depends on height is called _______ potential energy. elastic
List three examples of fossil fuels: A. ____________ B. ____ C.__________ A. Oil/Petroleum B. Coal C. Natural Gas
A change from one form of energy into another is called and energy____________. transformation
The type of conversation taking place when natural gas is used to heat water is chemical energy into _______ energy thermal
The rate at which energy is transferred is called _____. power
A rolling bowling ball has _______ energy. kinetic
A spinning turbine has _______ energy. kinetic
The potential and kinetic energy of the particles in an object is called _____. matter
When you run your hands together on a cold day, you use friction to convert _______ energy into thermal energy. kinetic
The _________________________ states that when one form of energy is converted into another, no energy is destroyed in the process. Law of Conservation of Energy
Kinetic energy increases as both _______________ increases. mass & velocity
A light bulb converts electrical energy into _______________ energy. electromagnetic
An ice cube melts when its _______ energy increases. thermal
When ____ is done on an object, the object gains energy. work
A ball that is thrown into the air has its greatest potential energy as it reaches the ________ point in its path. hightest
During combustion, a fuel's _______ energy is converted into thermal energy. chemical
A compressed spring has _____________ potential energy. gravitational
In a machine, work output is less than work input because some energy is converted into _______ energy. thermal
Power is the rated at which ______ is transferred. energy
As water runs over a waterfall, its potential energy is converted into _____________ energy. gravitiational
In coal-fired power plants, coal is burned to produce _______, which is then used to turn a turbine. kinetic
If the velocity of an object is doubled, its kinetic energy is multiplied by ____. four
A large truck and a small car are moving at the same speed. The truck has greater kinetic energy because its ____ is greater. mass
_______________ energy, such as ultraviolet radiation, travels in the form of rays. Electromagnetic
Work is the transfer of _____ from one object to another. energy
As a pendulum swings, energy is continuously transformed between ______ energy and potential energy. kinetic
To maintain your body temperature, your body converts _______ potential energy into thermal energy. chemical
Fossil fuels contain ________ energy, stored millions of years ago. chemical
The form of energy carried by moving electrical charges is _________ energy. electrical
In nuclear reactions, huge amounts of energy are produced by destroying tiny amounts of ___________. electrical
In power plants, generators convert _________________ energy into electrical energy. chemical potential
The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy cannot be ___________________. created nor destroyed
A basketball thrown up in the air gains __________ energy when it is falling down. mechanical
Potential energy is converted to _______ energy. kinetic
The velocity of the ball increases as it falls and that's when it has its greatest __________ energy. mechanical
Describe two energy conversions that take place when you warm a cup of cocoa in a microwave oven. A. _____________ B. _____________ A. Thermal Energy B. Kinetic Energy
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