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Science 6- 10

History of Medicine chapters 6- 10

What does the prefix 'micro' means? small
What language did Leeuwenhoek write about his discoveries? Dutch
Why did Leeuwenhoek make 550 microscopes? He wanted to look at every different thing through a different perspective. He made a different microscope for everything.
What did those who survived smallpox have on their skin? Sores and miserable pockmarks
What did the milkmaid believe about those who had cowpox? They couldn't get smallpox because their bodies became immune to it.
What does 'vacca' (Latin) mean? cow
In the 1800s, how was the skill of the surgeon judged by? How quickly they worked
What are the two most common gases in the earth's atmosphere? Oxygen and nitrogen
What does 'pneumatic' mean? air
Chloroform does not _________ and smells __________ Chloroform does not 'explode' and smells 'like nothing'
What did William Morton want to learn from medical school? a cure for pain
Who did William Morton try ether first on? On his dog
Who was the first person to use ether in surgery? Dr. Charles Jackson
What does the word 'anesthetic' mean? No feeling in Greek
Why did Semmelweiss decide to study medicine? To save lives
What did Hospital Director Johann Klein urge Semmelweiss to do? save money
At the Vienna Maternity Hospital, Which of the wards had the lowest death rates? The midwives' ward
After Semmelweiss left Austria, Why did the death rates go up? The doctors stopped washing their hands
(The rest is matching on the actual test) _____________ wrote a poem about Leeuwenhoek's discoveries. Jonathon Swift
_____________ said, "Shut your doors against your friends." The town leader when the Black Death struck
_____________ referred to God as the Maker of the Great All Leeuwenhoek
_____________ said, "It's a silly superstition" Dr. Daniel Ludlow
_____________ said, "We suffer from disease while he plays with a useless hobby!" The local people
_____________ said, "I know there is no way to prevent the disease (smallpox)." The head doctor at London Smallpox Hospital
_____________ ordered his soldiers to be vaccinated Napoleon
_____________ said, "We beseech the Great Spirit to take care of you." The chiefs of the Five Indian Nations in Canada
_____________ said, "I was wrong. The little animals do exist." Christian Huygens
_____________ invented the printing press Gutenberg
_____________ was the first person to be vaccinated against smallpox James Phipp
Created by: GuineaPigwca