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Chapter 01

Teamwork and Interprofessional Collaboration

Nurses function as coordinators of care by communicating and collaborating with? members of the health care team.
Consideration of the special health care needs of the LGBTQ population has been added to the Healthy People 2020 initiative because of health disparities and previous discrimination, therefore? Include questions about gender identity and sexual activity as part of the health history.
As part of the QSEN KSAs (knowledge, skills, and attitude), the competencies of TEAMWORK AND COLLABORATION are key components to? achieving quality patient care.
Interdisciplinary communication is essential when? planning, implementing, and evaluating patient care.
Interdisciplinary communication may be provided partly via e-mail but is better accomplished through? face-to-face and phone communications.
A lack of communication has been shown to cause? many medical errors and patient SAFETY risks.
An NPSG was established to communicate ongoing patient care needs, such as? pain management and respiratory support, to post-discharge caregivers.
The SBAR procedure or a similar established protocol is used for? successful communication among caregivers and among health care agencies.
SBAR is a formal method of communication between two or more members of the health care team that includes these four steps: Situation: Describe what is happening. Background: Explain any relevant background info. Assessment: Provide an analysis of the problem based on assessment data. Recommendation/Request: State what is needed or what the desired outcome is.
TeamSTEPPS is another communication approach to improve safety and quality. What do the letters stand for? S—Strategies T—Tools E—Enhance P—Performance P—Patient S—Safety
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