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Mr. C Principles

Principles of Democracy

What is an example of a free election used to select representatives of the people? Mr. C was running for an office of the US Senate to represent Carroll County.
What is an example of a power of government that is based on the consent of the governed? Citizens unhappy with the lack of new schools agree to a higher tax rate.
What is an example of the people's right to retain or alter their government? The 26th Amendment that changed the voting age from 18 to 21.
What is an example of equality under the law? Everyone accused of a crime is entitled to due process.
What is an example of the rule of law that guarantees rights and freedoms? The right to live where you want and your choice of employment.
What is an example of majority rule with protecting the rights of minorities? A small religious group may worship freely.
What is an example of US citizens having the right to participate in their government? Everyone is allowed to votes as long as they are qualified.
What is an example of our government being based on the separation of powers and checks and balances? Congress may override a President's veto.
Created by: rdchiar