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Med Term VNPT 51

Athero- Plaque (fatty substance)
Bacterio- Bacteria
Brady Short, slow
Bronchio Bronchus, bronchial tube, chest
Cardio Heart
Cephalo- Head
Conjunctivo- Conjunctiva (lines of eye lids)
Contra- Against, oppisite
Cranio- Cranium (skull)
Cysto- Bladder; cyst, sac of fluid
Dermo- Skin
Dys- Bad, painful, difficult, abnormal
Ecto- Outside, outward, out
-ectomy Excision, removal , resection
Erythro- Red
Eu- Good, normal
Gastro- Stomach
Glomerulo- Glomerulus
Glyco- Sugar, sweetness
Gyneco- Woman, female
Hemato- Blood
Hemi- One half
Hepato- Liver
Immuno- Immune, immunity, safe
Ism Condition, process
-itis Inflammation
Lacto- Milk
Lipo- Fat
Lympho- Lymph
-lysis Separation, destruction, loosening
Meato- Opening,
Micro- Small
Nacro- Stupor, numbness, sleep
Necro Death, necrosis
Orthro Straight
Pan- All
Patho- Disease
-penia Decrease, deficiency
Phlebo Vein
-pexy Fixation
-plasia Formation, growth, development
Pneumo- Air, lung
Pyo- Pus
Retro- Backward, behind, back
Rrhage- Bursting forth (of blood)
Sclero- Hardening, sclera (white of the eye) crooked, bent
-scopy Visual examination
Somato- Body
-stomy Forming an opening (mouth)
Tachy Rapid
Thoraco- Chest
Toxo- Poison
Uro- Urine, urinary tract
Veno- Vein
-y Condition
NKA No known allergies
NKDA no known drug allergies
Tx Therapy, transplant, treatment
Dx Diagnosis, Diagram
Qd Every day
Bid Twice a day
TiD Three times a day
Qid 4 times a day
Ac Before meals
Hs At bed time
Prn When necessary
Npo Nothing by mouth
Bm Bowel movement
Bp Blood pressure
O2 Oxygen
CO2 Carbon dioxide
ADL Activities of daily living
Mcg Microgram
mEq Milliequivalent
Perrla Pupils equals round reactive to light accommodation
GCS Glasgow coma scale
IM Intramuscular
SQ/SC Subcutaneous
Kg Kilograms
Mg Milligram
Auqueo Pertaining to water
Articulo Joint
Poesis Formation
A With out
Adreno Adrenal gland
Angio Vessel (blood)
Anti Against
Auqueo Pertaining to water
Athro Joint
Articulo Joint , crisis
Created by: Mjlv2008