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AP List 10

AP Vocabulary List 10 of 10

tellūs tellūris (F) earth, land, ground (tellurian)
tēlum -ī (N) spear, javelin; weapon ()
templum -ī (N) temple, sanctuary, shrine (contemplate, templar)
tempus temporis (N) time; temple [side of the head] (temporary)
teneō -ēre, -uī, tentum to hold, have; to occupy; to hold back (retain, sustain)
terra -ae (F) earth, land; soil (terrain, inter)
tertius -a, -um third (tertiary)
Teucrī -ōrum (M pl.) Trojans, decendents of Teucer (Teucer)
tollō -ere, sustulī, sublātus to raise up, exalt; tear down, destroy ()
tot (indecl. adj.) so many; as many ()
tōtus -a, -um all, entire, whole (total, totalitarian)
trānseō trānsīre, trānsiī, trānsitum to go across (transition)
trēs tria three (trinity)
Trōia -ae (F) Troy (Trojan)
Trōiānus -a, -um Trojan, of Troy (Trojan)
tū tuī, tibi, tē, tē you [sing.] ()
tum (adv.) then, at that time, further ()
turbō turbinis (M) whirlwind, tornado, hurricane (turbine, disturb)
tuus -a, -um your (sing.) ()
Tyrius -a, -um Tyrian, from Tyre (Tyrian)
ubi (adv./ conj.) where; when (ubiquitous)
ūllus -a, -um any, anyone ()
umbra -ae (F) shadow, shade; ghost (umbrella, sombrero)
unda -ae (F) wave; water, sea (inundate, undulate)
ūnus -a, -um one; only, alone (unique, unison)
urbs urbis (F) city (urban, suburb)
ut (conj./ adv.) as; when; so that; to; how! ()
ūtor ūtī, ūsus sum to use, make use of [w/ abl.] (utilize)
vallum -ī (N) palisade of stakes on top of an embankment or rampart ()
varius -a, -um various; variable, changing (invariable, variety)
vastus -a, -um vast, immense, huge; unoccupied (devastate)
-ve (enclitic conj.) or ()
veniō -īre, vēnī, ventum to come, arrive; to go (convention, intervene)
ventus -ī (M) wind, breeze (vent, ventilation)
vertex verticis (M) whirlpool, vortex; summit, peak; top, head (vertigo, vertical)
vester vestra, vestrum your [pl.] ()
videō -ēre, vīdī, vīsum to see, perceive; to understand (video)
videor, vidērī, vīsus sum to be seen; to seen ()
vincō -ere, vīcī, victum to conquer, defeat; to banish (invincible, victory)
vir virī (M) man, male; hero; husband (virile, triumvirate)
virtūs virtūtis (F) valor, courage; virtue (virtue)
vīs vīs (F) force, violence; strength [pl.] (violence, vim)
vocō -āre, -āvī, -ātum to call, name, address, to invoke (vocative, invoke)
volō velle, voluī to wish, want (volition)
volvō -ere, -ī, volūtum to turn, roll; to decree; to glide; to ponder (Volvo, revolution)
vōs vestrī, vōbis, vōs, vōbīs you all ()
vōx vōcis (F) voice; cry, call; saying; word (vocal, vociferous)
vulnus vulneris (N) wound, injury, blow (vulnerable)
vultus -ūs (M) face; appearance, expression ()
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