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AP List 09

AP Vocabulary List 09 of 10

sacer sacra, sacrum sacred, holy; sacrifices [n. pl.] (desecrate, consecrate)
saevus -a, -um savage, fierce, ferocious (savage)
salūs salūtis (F) well-being, safety; greeting (salutation)
sanguis sanguinis (M) blood; bloodshed; descent, lineage (sanguine)
saxum -ī (N) boulder, stone, large rock (saxifrage)
scopulus -ī (M) cliff, crag, rock; ledge ()
se recipere to go [lit. take oneself] ()
sed (conj.) but ()
sēdēs sēdis (F) seat; dwelling; foundation (sedate; sedentary)
Sēquanī -ōrum (M pl.) Sequani [a people of Gaul, west of the Jura mountains] (Sequani)
servō -āre, -āvī, -ātum to save, guard, keep; to watch (conservation, reserve)
sī (conj.) if; when; whether ()
sīc (adv.) thus, in this way ()
sīdus sīderis (N) constellation; star; sky, heavens; weather (consider, sidereal)
silva -ae (F) forest, woods (sylvan, Pennsylvania)
simul (adv.) at the same time, simultaneously, together (simulcast, simultaneous)
sine (prep. w/ abl.) without (sinecure)
socius -ī (M) ally, friend, comrade (society, socialism)
somnus -ī (M) sleep (insomnia, somniferous)
soror -ōris (F) sister (sorority, sororicide)
sors sortis (F) luck, lot; fate, destiny (consort, consortium)
spērō -āre, -āvī, -ātum to hope; to look for, expect (despair, prosper)
spēs speī (F) hope, expectation (despair)
stō stāre, stetī, stātum to stand; to be built; to linger, remain (stance, stature)
sub (prep. w/ acc. & w/ abl.) under; up to (subordinate, submarine)
subeō subīre, subiī, subitum to come up ()
subitō (adv.) suddenly ()
subsequor -ī, subsecūtus sum to follow closely (subsequent)
subsidium -ī (N) reserve troops; aid, support (subsidize)
sum esse, fuī, futūrum to be; to exist (essence, essential)
summus -a, -um highest, loftiest, supreme, the top of (summit, summary)
superior superius upper, higher; previous; more (superiority, superlative)
superō -āre, -āvī, -ātum to defeat; to prevail; to survive; to overcome ()
surgō -ere, surrexī, surrēctum to rise, get up (surge)
sustineō -ēre, -uī, sustentum to uphold, sustain (sustinence)
suus -a, -u his, her, its, their (own) (suicide, sui generis)
tālis tāle such, of such a kind ()
tamen (adv.) nevertheless, however, still ()
tandem (adv.) finally, at last (tandem)
tantum (adv.) so much, so greatly; only (tantamount)
tantus . . . quantus so great . . . as ()
tantus -a, -um so great, so much, so large (tantamount)
tēctum -ī (N) roof; house, dwelling (protect, detect, tegument)
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