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AP List 08

AP Vocabulary List 08 of 10

plērumque (adv.) for the most part, generally ()
poena -ae (F) punishment, penalty (penal, subpoena, penalize)
pōnō -ere, posuī, positus to put, place; take off [clothes] (position)
pontus -ī (M) sea, waves (Pontic)
populus -ī (M) people, crowd; nation (populace, population)
porta -ae (F) gate, door, entrance (portal, portcullis)
portus, -ūs (M) harbor (port)
possum posse, potuī to be able, be powerful; to be possible (potential)
post (prep. w/ acc.) after (postdate)
post(eā) quam after ()
praemium -ī (N) reward (premium)
praestō -āre, praestitī, praestātum to be better than [+ dat.]; to offer, show (presto)
premō -ere, pressī, pressum to press, oppress (pressure)
prīmā lūce at dawn ()
prīmus -a, -u first; chief; excellent (primary, primitive)
prius before (prior)
prīvātus -a, -um private, in private capacity [as opposed to as one in public office] (privacy)
prō (prep. w/ abl.) in front of, before; for, as; considering; in accordance with (pros and cons)
proelium -ī (N) battle ()
profectiō profectiōnis (F) departure (profection)
proficīscor -ī, profectus sum to set out, depart (profection)
prohibeō -ēre, -uī, -itum to keep, restrain; to prohibit (prohibition)
propter (prep. w/ acc.) because of, on account of ()
proptereā quod for the very reason that ()
prōvincia -ae (F) province (provincial)
proximus -a, -um nearest, next (approximate)
pūblicus -a, -um public, common; as one in public office (publication)
puer puerī (M) boy, young man (puerile)
pugna -ae (F) fight, battle (pugnacious)
pugnō -āre, -āvī, -ātum to fight (pugnacious)
pulcher pulchra, pulchrum beautiful, handsome, noble (pulchritude)
puppis puppis (F) stern [rear part of the ship], poop deck (poop deck)
quaerō -ere, quaesīvī, quaesītum to seek (quest)
quālis quāle of what sort? such as, the kind of (qualified, quality)
quam (adv.) as, than; (w/ superlative) as . . . as; how ()
quantus, quanta, quantum as much as, how great (quantum)
-que (enclitic conj.) and, also, even ()
quī quae, quod who, which; what; that; [after sī, nisi, num, nē] any (quorum, quibble)
quidem (adv.) indeed, even ()
quis quid who, what; some [after sī, nīsī, num, nē] (quiddity)
quod (conj.) because, the fact that ()
rapiō -ere, -uī, raptum to grab, snatch, tear; to whirl (rapture, velociraptor)
ratiō ratiōnis (F) account; consideration; manner, method (rational)
recipiō -ere, recēpī, receptum to receive, accept (reception)
rēgīna -ae (F) queen (Regina)
regnum -ī (N) kingdom, realm; rule (reign, interregnum)
relinquō -ere, relīquī, relictum to leave behind (relinquish)
reliquus -a, -um remaining, rest of , other (relic)
rēs gestae accomplishments ()
rēs publica republic, state, government (republic)
rēs reī (F) thing; matter; affair; circumstance (reify)
Rhēnus Rhēnī (M) Rhine [a river between Gaul and Germania to the Atlantic sea] (Rhine)
Rhodanus -ī (M) Rhone [a river flowing through Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean] ()
rīpa -ae (F) bank (of a river), shore (riparian)
ruō -ere, ruī, -itum to rush, hurry; to fall down; to plow (ruin, ruinous)
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